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Meghalaya Tours & Holidays

Meghalaya, which means "abode of clouds," is a heaven for those who enjoy the natural world. Tourists from all over the world have been enthralled by this hill station since it is a home to stunning, fascinating sky. It is ideally tucked away in the Himalayas to the northeast of India. Bangladesh and Assam are its neighbours to the east and south, respectively.

The rich cultural legacy and traditions of Northeast India are perfectly visible in Meghalaya. Shillong, Cherrapunji, and Mawalynnong are just a few of the popular tourist sites close to Meghalaya. Travellers from all around the world can enjoy special experiences in this natural beauty and adventure hotspot. The whole information about Meghalaya Tourism and other relevant information is provided here. Learn more about this tourist spot by looking at the Meghalaya travel guide.




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An Insight into Meghalaya Tourism

Among the Northeast, high in the hills and hidden by the gorgeous clouds, is Meghalaya.

Practically speaking, the state is bordered in the south by the Bangladeshi provinces of Mymensingh and Sylhet. The Bangladeshi region of Rangpur and Meghalaya are neighbours, thanks to the western border. Finally, one of the Northeast's seven sister states, Assam, shares the north and east borders with Meghalaya.

The independent kingdoms of the Khasi, Garo and Jaintia people came to an end when the British arrived in India and established colonial control. Following that, in 1835, the British merged Meghalaya with Assam. Meghalaya may have state boundaries that are drawn around it firmly and securely, but the state's culture, beauty, and tranquillity defy confinement. Meghalaya has never failed to astound visitors with its wealth of outstanding tourist sites. Numerous locations on the Meghalaya sightseeing trip are appropriate for tourists of all types.

On average, the state gets 250 cm of rain annually. The season starts in May and lasts until late September, or perhaps even into mid-October.  While the rains are not as intense and the scenery is mesmerizingly gorgeous, it is possible to tour the lovely state at the start or towards the conclusion of the monsoon season. In order to enjoy the pleasant drizzle and avoid the torrential downpour seen during peak season, tourists frequently prefer the start and end of the monsoon. The details mentioned in the Meghalaya Travel guide will help you in planning your trip accordingly.

The major city and capital of the state is Shillong and the Khasi Hills are where the city is located. Everything that may be enjoyed in Shillong, including events, sightseeing, leisure activities, shopping, and relaxing at a bar is on the top list among Meghalaya’s popular places. The character of the city can only be understood by wandering around it. The wettest place on earth, Cherrapunji, is located 58 kilometres from Shillong and takes roughly two hours to reach. Today, Mausynram, a little town to the west, is accorded this distinction. The region is lush and green, and it has waterfalls and a vast network of underground caverns.

Ranigodam is well-known for adventure activities like angling, and Nawphlang is a popular picnic place. The canyon of the Mahadeo River is located in the 220-square-kilometer Balpakram National Park south of Tura, which is also home to tigers, elephants, gaurs, and barking deer. The park is renowned for its therapeutic plants. The Cathedrals of Meghalaya are significant not just for their religious significance in the community, but also for their beautiful architecture. Do make a list of all the places listed in the Meghalaya tour guide so you don’t miss out on visiting them.

The Umroi Airport in Barapani, which is 25 to 30 kilometres from Shillong, is where you must land if you want to fly over Meghalaya. From this airport, there aren't many connections to most cities. The closest major airport is Guwahati, which is 125 kilometres away. Outside the Guwahati airport, taxis are waiting to take you to Shillong.

Relax, we won’t let you miss out on the mouthwatering dishes of this state, Meghalaya travel guide has listed the top and favourite for you. Meghalaya's three main tribal groups have an impact on the food there. At the top of the list are rice and pork. The cuisine is filling, calming, and flavorful. Test out well-known meals like Jadoh (red rice cooked with copious amounts of pork, chicken, or fish), Doh Khlieh (a salad comprised of pork, onions, and chillies), Nakhmam Bitchi (a fish soup), Pumaloi (steamed rice), and much more. 

One of Meghalaya's most popular delicacies is Jadoh. It's available in practically all dining outlets. Red rice is prepared in this meal with pork, fish, or chicken.

People who love mountains and are looking for some inner serenity should visit Meghalaya. Vacationing in Meghalaya is unquestionably something you should think about if you're looking for tranquillity among the snow-capped mountains. This thorough Meghalaya travel guide is intended to assist you in organising your trip and allowing you to see the state like a local. Understand what to do, where to go, what to eat, which wildlife sanctuaries to visit, what adventure sports to do, about hill stations, and much more.

Popular Places of Meghalaya

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