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Goa’s Spice Plantation

5 Reasons to Opt for Goa’s Spice Plantation

Don’t ever go by its size as the Pint-sized Goa has an amalgamation of super-exciting offerings specially meant for filling up the vacations of its tourists with adventure, vibrancy, serenity, happiness, history, and satisfaction prevalent in an equitable ratio. I along with my office colleagues were intending for a Goa tour and finally traversed this destination in October. Ours was a journey of 4 nights/5 days and I really don’t have an idea on how fast those days have passed and our trip concluded. For me, Goa was something more than just the beaches and its highly enjoyable nightlife. The last day of our tour was wholly dedicated to the sightseeing of North and South Goa of which the Goa Spice Plantation Tour was my most favored and massively unique experience. No need for you to get confused on whether it should be visited or not, since I am here with five top reasons to opt for Goa’s Spice Plantation Tour.

Spice Plantation Tour

The Splendid Landscapes

I never imagined something very beautiful was going to happen! I was walking towards the venue of this tour and the moment I entered there, I was stunned to see the most ravishing showcase of the different shades of green illustrated by the lush-green environment. The moist mud, clear blue sky, calmness all around as well as the majestic trees are a literal definition of perfection in my case. Obviously, a photographer’s paradise, its surreal scenery has surely served as an amazing backdrop in each and every click of mine. According to me, it wasn’t just an exhibition of a variety of spices but a praiseworthy celebration of our country’s natural vegetation.

A Myriad Of Aroma

As the Spice Plantation tour started, I was highly attracted by the mixed aroma of the flavors and Goa fresh spices there. The guide explained to us everything about the plants prevalent there and the spices which would be budding out from each one of them. Also, to be true I have learned much about the traditional as well as the organic techniques of the spices which we use every day. Not only this, a hard to believe the fact is that these spices are not only used in the culinary experiences but also serve as an indispensable part in the formation of the traditional Indian medicines.

A Showcase Of Fresh Spices

Till now, I have always seen the spices in a packaged form but I was really glad to see them in their raw form during the Spice Plantation Tour. This one-hour long tour managed by a guide who will be constantly explaining to you about the spices grown there surely gave me a brief knowledge on how these are grown and then preserved for being edible. I came across green orbs of pepper, fresh pods of the cardamom as well the juicy cashew fruits (to name a few) which I found highly intriguing as well as interesting while being grown in a massively refreshing ambiance.

 The Salivating Culinary Experience

The way we were greeted at the entrance followed by the buffet of Goa traditional food comprising of an array of dishes has proved to be the limelight of the tour. Not only were they really delectable but also acted as a very healthy lunch for me. The dishes are prepared from the fresh taste of the spices which are grown and exhibited in the Spice Plantation Tour. The food is unequivocally served while being kept in the earthenware leading to their showcasing in the Goan style. Also, we tasted the cultural drink of Goa i.e. the Feni (made with the cashew tree’s fruits) having a spectacular taste that literally opened my senses. Its taste is truly unforgettable!  

The Exotic Flora And Fauna

Not only the spices, herbs or the food are the limelight stealers of the Spice Plantation Tour, but the splendid flora and fauna in which this showcase is encompassed was truly a heartthrob. I witnessed some fishes in the small ponds serving as a habitat for the aquatic species, beautiful ducks as well as the tiny butterflies playing with each other while hopping from one place to another. The whole surroundings will surely give you a forest-like feel with the colorful flowers peeping out from the grasses and undoubtedly, you are going to attain abundant serenity here!

Goa spice plantation tour

Considered as one of the aptest ways of connecting with nature and also in case you are a foodie, then I think your search for the perfect cultural food of Goa ends at its super-cool Spice Plantation Tour. Eminently acting as a treat for my taste buds, the definite fusion of varied flavors along with a sight of the species in the wild has truly proved as a heartthrob and a satisfactory part of the trip for me. Thus, for anyone who is in Goa and wants to be a part of something very unique away from the crowd of its busty nightlife, then I would recommend you to go no further than the Spice Plantation Tour.

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