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As a small step in my initial business life, almost 20 years ago, Max Holidays was incorporated by me with the intention to present the diversified cultural, social, natural and religious richness of my country ‘India’ to the global community, through the tourism activities. Today the Company enjoys a strong and respectful position not only in the Indian hospitality industry but globally, and it is well appreciated by the partners and customers for the ethical business practices and customer centric approach we follow.

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Mr. Vishal Gogia is a renowned entrepreneur with a brilliant mind and a unique perspective on hospitality. He always had a dream of breaking free from the traditional cubicle lifestyle and creating his own identity. He started his business with the aim of making a mark in the market and eventually became an innovator, establishing himself as a leader in the industry.

With 30 years of experience in the Indian tourism industry and a deep understanding of how to leverage assets for his team, Mr. Gogia has been an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs. He is a relentless optimist who believes that feedback is more important than failure.

Mr. Gogia is known for embodying the perfect traits of a true entrepreneur. He has always been curious and eager to learn, with a passion for travel that has taken him to over 60 destinations around the world. He is always on the move, never content to stay in one place for too long.

Before starting Max Holidays in 2004, Mr. Gogia gathered a wealth of knowledge and skills that would prove invaluable in his entrepreneurial journey. His Inbound Tour Operator quickly became popular among travelers from all over the world, attracting visitors to explore the diverse destinations of India. It took years of hard work and dedication, but Mr. Gogia's entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity, and patience have led to the success and prominence of his organization today.

He does not waste time crying over minor issues. Instead, he firmly believes in addressing problems through open discussions. His passion lies in exploring new endeavors, sharing motivational anecdotes with others, and helping them unlock their full potential.



  • Joined the hospitality business in 1993,
  • Handled various tourist charters from different countries,
  • Catered to various corporate companies and groups,
  • Played role in bringing Air Tourist Charters from CIS & Russia
  • Brought Air Tourist Charters from Middle East
  • Started own travel venture ‘Max Holidays’,
  • An active member of Indian Association of Tour operators,
  • Recognised by Govt of India, Ministry of Tourism
  • Became a member of American Society of Travel Agents
  • Became a member of Australian Federation of Travel Agents,
  • Member of Travel Agents Association of India,
  • Member of Adventure Tour Operators Association of India,
  • Won Asia’s Best Tour Operators Award in 2016,
  • Member India Export Council
  • Rated one of India’s finest travel advisors for incoming travel,
  • Serving over 25,000 itinerants every year,
  • … and counting


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