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India Tour Packages by Zone

A symphony of cultural heritage and modernity - India is a delight for any globetrotter

If you are looking forward for a vacation to India, we Max Holidays are here to serve you with one of the finest tours to India. It doesn’t matter if you a planning a trip with friends or family, as a honeymoon couple or solo, India is divided into 05 Zones that cater to all kinds of preferences suitable for a traveler.

The five zones of India are North India, South India, West India, Central India & North East India. The Northern part of India includes diversification, unique flora & fauna, exotic wildlife, breathtaking mountains, and rustic deserts that have won the hearts of numerous travelers who come in search of something offbeat.

If we head towards South India for holidays, the visitors can visit numerous temples, different kinds of Ayurveda therapies, and sunkissed beaches. If it is the tribes and pristine altogether visiting the undiscovered places of India epically with the spirit of nature then head to Northeast India for the charming holidays or have a camel safari and a voyage and a romantic candlelight in the sand dunes of West. In central India, too, there are temples, sleepy hamlets, and majestic temples, including Khajuraho (eastern and western temples).

Max Holidays is here to cater to all kinds of needs & preferences as per the traveler's interest; we have crafted various packages especially for you.


North India Tour Packages

Formidable forts and palaces, memorials of India’s legacy against a backdrop of modernity and history, is what North India tour holds on a platter for every traveller. On a second note, there is much more, like innumerable

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South India Tour Packages

Brightly decorated temples, women draped in sarees & flowers in their hair, hot steaming food served on banana leaf, fresh coconut water by the beach, palm fringed beaches, culture deep rooted in day to day lifestyle… Yes,

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South India
Central India

Central India Tour Packages

As the name suggests, Central India covers those Indian states that are strategically placed in the centre of the country. A land of diversity these states take

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West India Tour Packages

Home of the heroes of India, West India is the land of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Sri Dhyandev Tukaram, Mahatma Gandhi and many others. It has states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa, along with the Union territory of Daman & Diu and

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West India Tour Packages
North East India Tour Packages

North East India Tour Packages

North East India is exotic, fascinating and captivating. If you love amazing natural beauty, simplicity in life, warmth in people and spice in food, visiting North East India is a must for you.

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