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Mawlynnong Tour & Travel Guide

The title "God's Own Garden" is more fitting for Mawlynnong than its status as one of Asia's cleanest towns. Mawlynnong, located on Meghalaya's southern hills border, presents a picture-perfect backdrop with its fruit orchards, rushing streams, lush surroundings, swinging palms, and well-preserved Khasi customs. 

One of Meghalaya's most well-known landmarks, the Nohwet Living Root Bridge, can be found here. Generation after generation, the roots of the Ficus Elastica tree have been carefully wrapped around a support structure to form this bridge. These live root bridges, an integral part of Khasi traditional architecture,  have played a crucial role in connecting villages in the highlands and steep valleys, After admiring the bridge, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the rushing, chilly river water. Explore all of this and more with the Mawlynnong travel guide. 



Top Sites

Living Root Bridge, Sky Walk, Church Of Epiphany, Balancing Rock, Dawki, Shillong, Cherrapunji, Byrdaw Falls

April to June

16°C and 31°C

July to Sep

24°C and 33°C

Oct to Feb

4°C and 16°C

An Insight into Mawlynnong Tourism

Some of Meghalaya's most picturesque vistas can be witnessed

Along the route leading to Mawlynnong. Along the way, you’ll encounter waterfalls, gorges, cliffs, valleys, and Forests. As you approach the village, the road gradually narrows and becomes adorned with bamboo groves. 

Upon arriving in the village, you'll be greeted by an even more stunning sight Mawlynnong, situated in the East Khasi region, is surrounded by untouched natural beauty. Cherrapunji is located 92 kilometers away, while Shillong is 90 km away. In 2003, the village was recognized as the cleanest village in Asia. For the most breathtaking views of the surrounding gorges, valleys, and neighboring areas, climb up to Bangladesh, and ascend one of the many tree huts constructed from locally grown bamboo.

Take advantage of the chance to chat with people and enjoy some produce grown locally. Once you've filled this village venture, explore the Mawlynnong tourism and attractions like the famous root bridges, Nohkalikai Falls, etc.

Mawlynnong's summer is one of the best times to visit the community because it offers warm and pleasant. weather.The average temperatures during summer range between 24 and 32 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for sightseeing and enjoying Mawlynnong's attractions. However, travellers should be prepared for rain and possible thunderstorms at any time of the day as the monsoon season begins in June or July.

Additionally, it is recommended to visit Mawlynnong in the spring and fall. During these seasons, the typical temperatures range between 25 and 15 degrees Celsius, respectively. The weather is still lovely for outdoor activities, and there is  a significant decrease in the likelihood of rain disrupting your plans. You can use this Mawlynnong travel guide to plan your trip accordingly. 

There are numerous places to visit in Mawlynnong, which we will discuss in this section of our Mawlynnong travel guide. The town is perfectly constructed and filled with meticulously maintained homes and businesses , giving it the appearance of a well-kept garden. Visitors can wander the entire village and interact with the residents. In addition to the people, the immaculately kept village is home to a vast range of rare plants, flowers, and trees in all the homes and public areas. The majority of tourist lodging is offered through homestays.

The living bridge is a good illustration of how nature and people can coexist peacefully. It is a suspension bridge constructed from living plant roots. Such bridges can be seen all around Meghalaya. A bridge crosses a little brook, and visitors can spend some time here relaxing and taking in the scenery.

Mawlynnong and Dawki are separated by roughly 30 kilometres, or just over an hour of driving. Dawki is a well-liked hub for exports and imports between Bangladesh and India. Rock Mawlynnong is being balanced. The Mawlynnong Balancing Rock is a natural beauty located around a kilometre away.

Reaching Mawlynnong is easy. With the help of the Mawlynnong travel guide, you can plan your trip easily. Shillong city, the state capital of Meghalaya, is 90 kilometres away from Mawlynnong village. To go to Mawlynnong village from Shillong city, there are shared taxis and private cabs available.

There is a shared cab service from the Khasi Hills Sumo stand, close to Bara Bazaar market. From there, travelling to the village takes about two hours. From your accommodation or Shillong city, private cabs are very easily accessible to Mawalynnong. The Guwahati Railway Station is the closest railhead. From Guwahati, it takes about 5 hours to get to Mawlynnong village. 

From the Guwahati train station, taxis can take you to Mawlynnong. The closest airport, located in Shillong city, is Umroi Airport (2 hours). You can take a taxi or cab from the airport to Mawlynnong. Another significant airport close to the area is Guwahati Airport (6 hours). Private taxis are available to get to Mawlynnong hamlet from the airport.

Here are a few regional specialities listed in this Mawlynnong tour guide that you absolutely must try at least once when visiting Mawlynnong if you want to get the whole Mawlynnong experience. The Khasi community of Meghalaya mostly consumes Jadoh. Red rice is the main component of jadoh, which is prepared with lots of pork.

However, it can also be prepared with fish or chicken. In this dish, a combination of green chillies, onions, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper is added before the pork is added and cooked through. Red rice is then added and finished cooking. The rice gets its rich golden colour and aroma from the addition of turmeric. Interestingly, pork blood can also be used to prepare jadoh. You must have this meal if you visit Meghalaya.

In Meghalaya, rice is regarded as a staple dish; hence locals experiment with various ways to prepare it. This particular dish consists of steamed rice that has been powdered. This dinner is provided primarily on holidays and special occasions. The cooked rice is edible. Another member of the rice family with a hint of sweetness is pakhlein. Puhelin is made using powdered rice and jaggery. 

Despite being a sweet dish, Puhelin goes well with various meat dishes. Kyat: Meghalayan foods sometimes have titles that leave you unsure what they will taste like, but you will definitely be surprised by the local delicacies. Beer made from fermented rice is a particular alcoholic drink. All the bars and restaurants in Meghalaya will give you Kyat. This beverage represents Meghalayan hospitality.

The village's residents enjoy keeping the streets clean and have their own compost pits. The forest that encircles the settlement is home to lovely greenery, canals, mini waterfalls, orchids, and vibrant hedges. Exploring Mawlynnong with the Mawlynnong travel guide serves as an inspiration to the world, showcasing a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

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