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Dawki Tour & Travel Guide

This little town is nestled in the Jaintia Hills and is located on the border between India and Bangladesh. Another incredibly beautiful location in The Bridge is a suspension bridge that crosses the Umngot River, providing visitors with breathtaking panoramic views. The emerald color of the Dawki River is one of the main attractions of the area, leading to a recent explosion in tourism.

Located 95 kilometers from Shillong City, it takes approximately 3 hours to reach Dawki by car. The increasing popularity of this location is largely due to the Dawki River. For more information about the area and the activities available in Dawki, please refer to our Dawki travel guide.



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An Insight into Dawki Tourism

The Dawki River, which offers lovely scenery and clean water, is one of Meghalaya's most beautiful regions.

Visitors adore coming here for a day trip, especially to go boating in the gorgeous surroundings. Dawki tourism is very well known among tourists, in addition to being a center for trade. Many tourists flock to this location to enjoy a boat ride along the renowned Umngot River and take in the views and sounds of the region. Dawki is a site worth visiting because of the lush surroundings, the chilly river, and the lovely suspension bridge over the River Umngot.

Dawki is a great location for camping and water-based adventure activities, including kayaking, snorkeling, and boating in the Umngot River. Other adventure activities, like zip-lining and rappelling, are also available to visitors in this location. Since it holds the yearly boat race on the Umngot River in March and April, the town lures a lot of tourists.

Dawki has a lovely climate all year long and is a year-round attraction. Due to its location in the Jaintia Hills, the town is graced with natural beauty and lush surroundings. Since winters are typically colder than summers, thick clothing will be necessary, especially at night. Otherwise, the entire time the temperature is comfortable.

Moving on to the other section of our Dawki tour guide. Dawki River is exceptionally clear. The Wah Umngot, often known as the river, is so translucent that you can see the stones and pebbles inside it. September is when the water is the clearest it has ever been.

You have two options: go swimming somewhere with cold water all year long or take a boat excursion to see the river's vibrant marine life up close. An average boat journey costs between Rs 400 and Rs 500 per person. Dawki River offers not just crystal-clear water but also a magnificent view of Bangladesh's border.

When you get there, take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy Dawki sightseeing. Along Bangladesh's and India's borders is where you'll find Jaflong Zero Point. The distance between the Dawki market and the Zero point is around one kilometer.

The Dawki River enters Bangladesh from here, where it is known for its stone accumulation. The region, inhabited by the  Khasi people, offers crystal-clear water and pebbles. Additionally, an Indian Security Guard is always present to watch over the India-Bangladesh border. The Zero point is free to enter and open to the public from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Reaching Dawki is not a difficult task. Our Dawki travel guide has provided all the information about transportation options to Dawki. Dawki is located approximately 90 kilometers away from Shillong, the main city of Meghalaya. The route to Dawki offers beautiful trees, rivulets, and dense forests. You can take a private or public bus or drive by yourself to reach Dawki.

You can reserve your tickets for Guwahati in Assam if you prefer to travel by train. Guwahati station is the closest one to Dawki, with a distance of about 200 kilometres From there, hire a cab or take one of the public or private buses that pass through Dawki. Although Dawki doesn't have its own airport, the nearest one is in Guwahati. It's easy to book direct flights from various locations in India to Guwahati.

On the way to Shnongpdeng, it's natural to feel hungry. Therefore, the Dawki travel guide recommends trying some of the local cuisines. There are many mouthwatering dishes, including the local river fish. Start off with some rice and fish curry, which has a greenish hue and large fillets of river fish in it. Then, one can choose fish meat.

A delicious and fatty beef curry is also included in the customary riverbank feast. The dinner that will be provided at Dawki will also feature jackfruit. As a side dish, jackfruit is traditionally combined with spinach, bamboo, onions, peppers, and mushrooms before being lightly cooked. Additionally, Swati identifies two classic Khasi dishes—Jadoh and Doh khlieh—that are difficult to locate outside of Meghalaya.

Jadoh, a dish with a lot of pork, is made with red rice.. However, it can also be prepared with fish or chicken. In this dish, a combination of green chilies, onions, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper is added before the pork is added and cooked through. Red rice is then added and finished cooking. The rice gets its rich golden color and aroma from adding turmeric. Interestingly, pig blood can also be used to prepare jadoh. You must have this meal if you visit Meghalaya. Doh khlieh is another well-known Meghalayan dish and a specialty of the Dawki area.

However, our expectations are often let down when we visit such places. Dawki, on the other hand, is not just a fantasy. Dawki's breathtaking beauty captivates both in real life and on film. Meghalaya, a state in northeastern India,  is home to this charming town that will surely leave a lasting impression. With the Dawki travel guide, you can explore grassy hills and sparkling lakes and enjoy plenty of fresh air.

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