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Kongthong Tour & Travel Guide

As you ride, you can catch glimpses of the gorges below, traveling along the roads that hug the mountainside on your way to Khat-ar-song. Khat-ar-strong, located in the valley region of the East Khasi hills, has remained isolated for a  long time due to the local topography. This custom, known as  "jingrwai iawbei," has been practiced by the citizens of Kongthong, also referred to as the Whistling Village, as well as neighboring villages, for many years.

Apart from this, specific cultural traditions established a foothold in Kongthong. As you will be surrounded by the powerful Meghalayan monsoon mountains and have access to several trails, the surrounding natural splendor is captivating. The honey produced in this area is very famous. Likewise, there is so much more to know and experience in this beautiful town which our Kongthong travel guide is here to help you with.

Top Sites

Caverns & Caves, Nongsawlia Church, Churches & Cathedrals, First Presbyterian Church

April to June

16°C and 31°C

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24°C and 33°C

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4°C and 16°C

An Insight into Kongthong Tourism

Legend has it that a person once went alone into the woods in search of wood and climbed a tree to escape pursuing thugs.

To attract the attention of his companions and alert them to his situation thugs, he began shouting and whistling. His friends came to his rescue. Since then, the practice of whistling and other sounds- for communication has evolved. In Kongthong Whistling Village, this tradition has been embraced by mothers who give their children individual sounds early on, which later later become a part of their identity as adults.

The Ministry of Tourism has awarded the Kongthong village in Meghalaya the title of "Best Tourism Village" by the World Tourism Organization. Kongthong, a beautiful town in Meghalaya, is famous as the Whistling Village due to its residents using whistling  to communicate with one another. Interestingly, the residents of this community have musical names.

The best time to visit Kongthong Village is from October to May, as the weather during this period is pleasant and clear. However, if you wish to witness the flora of Kongthong Whistling Village, you can also visit during the rainy season. With the assistance of this Kongthong tour guide, you can plan your trip effortlessly. 

Kongthong Village is a wonderful location. There are a wide range of activities and places to visit in Kongthong and some of which are mentioned in our Kongthong travel guide. Laitlum Canyons is located only 45 minutes by car from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. This vibrant location is moderately less crowded, and less commercial activity is carried out here, making it an ideal place for some quiet, peaceful moments. Trekkers, tourists, and environment lovers go to the area because of the lengthy, difficult, but lush trail that leads there.

Kongthong tourism is not complete without visiting Elephant Falls, a beautiful waterfall. Elephant Falls is located about 12 kilometers outside of Shillong. The most popular tourist destination is Elephant Falls. In the entire North East, one of the most visited waterfalls is the Elephant Falls. About 10 kilometers south of Shillong's main city is where you'll find Shillong Peak.

Visitors can use the telescope room on Shillong Peak to observe the city from the mountain's highest point, known as Shillong Peak View Point. In the evening, the city is more appealing, making it perfect to experience Kongthong sightseeing at its best.

Umiam Lake, also known as Barapani Lake, is a scenic lake located 9.3 miles (15 km) north of Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya. Established in the early 1960s, the lake and its dam cover a primary area of 220 square kilometers. Often compared to the beautiful lakes of Scotland, Umiam Lake is a popular picnic spot. Its vast expanse delights nature enthusiasts, offering a visual and soulful feast. The lake is a sight that one could gaze upon forever. Additionally, near the lake, you can find the water sports complex, Nehru Park, and the Orchid Tourist Home Kongthong Village can be easily from Shillong Airport, which is nearby. From Shillong Airport, you can rent a taxi to travel to Kongthong Village, located 79 kilometers away.

The Whistling Village is approximately 55 kilometers from Shillong. To get there, you can rent a car from Shillong. However, please note that you must hike up to 7 kilometers from the last point on the motorable road to reach Kongthong Village, as it is not connected by road.

Some of Shillong's best restaurants may be found in the city's twisting lanes, where they serve mouthwateringly delicious real Khasi and Jaintia cuisine. Warning: If you like meat, you might fall in love with this place's cuisine! The following are some of the top locations listed in our Kongthong travel guide you ought to visit for an unforgettable culinary trail: Manipur Phunga restaurant.

If you want to leave a lasting impression, visit Kongthong. The locals are extremely respectful and friendly towards one another. Here, you will experience the warmest hospitality, indulge in delicious local cuisine, and immerse yourself in an intriguing culture. You will also witness the prosperity of the people in their agricultural endeavors. It's remarkable to see how people can live in harmony and serenity, free from worries despite their distance and isolation from the rest of the world. Explore the place with the Kongthong travel guide, which provides a detailed and well-planned trip itinerary. 

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