Muktinath Tour

  • The country of Nepal is not only a home to the mighty mountains or adventure packed activities, but is also a sheath to abundant spiritual hubs. Engross in the divinity of the immensely pious Muktinath temple located at a high altitude of 3710 metres above the sea level in Nepal’s Mustang district. The Annapurna Circuit that is considered as one of the most famous trekking routes in Nepal covers the whole of Muktinath during its trail.

  • Travelling to Muktinath is nothing less than an eternal feeling of peace as well as power facilitated at a single place. The holy characteristic of this pilgrimage hub makes it a destination ardently followed by millions of people from all over the world.

  • The Muktinath Temple is formed in a Pagoda Style that signifies its religious existence majorly amongst the Hindus and Buddhists. There is a prevalent existence of the mighty spiritual tales from the bygone era which are related to the Muktinath Temple, however, these tales differ from one religion to another. Buddhists have a distinct story to tell and the Hindus have some other tale associated with this temple.

  • Devotees belonging to the various nook and corner of this world visit this place with an intention of swiping off their sins and also perceive salvation from the continuous cycle of birth and death.

  • ‘Mukti’ meaning Salvation and ‘Nath’ meaning God, as notified by the Hindus, this place carries utmost significance as it is believed that lord Vishnu attained salvation from curse of Brinda at this place, thus leading to the devotees worshipping him as Muktinath. It is concluded that the holy shrine present here has risen on its own and is counted amongst the 108 Vaishnava Shrines.

  • A holy place for religious satisfaction is what defines the Muktinath Temple. A tour to this place is going to rejuvenate your senses with serenity and self-introspection with a pinch of scenic views all around this centre. Being situated at the Throng la Mountain pass’s foot, this temple ensures a highly calm as well as a pleasant surrounding accompanied with the most innovative Kali Gandaki valley clipped below Muktinath. The rooftop of the temple is constructed with the help of copper accompanied with the presence of an umbrella there. Talking about the most decorated part of this temple, it is none other than its door facing to the west and also the carved trusts and lattice windows known to be made in a Nepalese style.

  • It is quite impossible not to fall in love with this highly beguiling temple as this one is the most divine hub present in Nepal. In case you are looking forward to a trip to the Muktinath Temple, you can check out Muktinath Tours and Packages formulated by Max Holidays crafted keeping your comfort and needs in mind.


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    from New York - 01 Sep 2015

    "I am stunned with the scenic views at this place. Secondly, the moment I entered the Muktinath temple, there was a feeling of relaxation. This place is highly a perfect place to discover the ‘real you’. The peaceful environment here is perfect to indulge you in the pristine divinity of this place. Thank You Max for such a nice experience! "

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    from Peru - 06 Dec 2016

    "I am an art lover and visiting this place helped me witness the Nepalese style of architecture. Max Holidays greatly organised my trip and I am highly satisfied with their services. Looking forward to meet you guys again and plan a trip to a distinct place with new thrill and excitement. You all made my trip a memorable one. "

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    from UK - 27 Sep 2017

    "According to me, Muktinath is a true epitome of peace. I got a chance to have a communication with my inner self. Also, I loved the spiritual rituals which are performed here every morning and evening. Max Holidays has helped me a lot and I shall never forget this experience in my whole life. "