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Unakoti Tour & Travel Guide

Unakoti tourism, a popular travel destination in Tripura, is a historic site of pilgrimage that draws travellers and devotees from all over the world. India's ancient sculptures and carvings of gods and deities are also kept here. It is also a  home to verdant green vegetation and be abound with scenic beauty. Many of the granite carvings in this area show scenes from Hindu mythology, including Lord Shiva's life.

"Unakoti"  means "one less than a crore". Although the city does not have that many rock-cut sculptures, the hundreds of enormous Unakoti sculptures made of sandstone and rock, along with the dispersed remains of old temples, make Unakoti a special place. Let's look deeper into this city with the help of our Unakoti travel guide. 


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Top Sites

Unokotiswara Kal Bhairava, Udayan Buddha Bihar, Laxmi Narayan Mandir

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An Insight into Unakoti Tourism

Unakotihas several legends and myths connected to it, and the locals regard it as a holy spot.

One of the tales around the location claims that a famous sculptor named Kalukumar saw Lord Shiva in his dream. To make the location as holy as Varanasi, the Lord ordered him to carve out one crore of images in a single night. The artist and his coworkers laboured through the night and were almost able to finish producing one crore sculptures. But when Kalukumar only missed one sculpture, the thought struck him to carve out his figure to become immortal. 

The best time to go to Unakoti would be between October and April if you also intend to go there shortly. In addition to the favourable weather, the Ashokastami Mela, which takes place in April, is another reason to explore this location. Monsoon in Unakoti starts in June and lasts till September. Winters are usually from October to February, making it appropriate and pleasant weather to visit and explore the city.

There are many Unakoti tourist attractions which you are certainly going to like. Some of them are listed in our  Unakoti travel guide. One of the most extraordinary trip experiences is visiting Unokotiswara Kal Bhairava. Here, Lord Shiva's enormous head is about 30 feet tall. Maa Durga is also depicted on Lord Shiva's idol's headpiece.

Founded in 1933, Udayan Buddha Bihar is located at Pecharthal market, near National Road NH44. The idol here is said to be 4.5 feet tall, 300 kg, and constructed of eight different kinds of metals. Many followers travel here to see Maa and enjoy Unakoti sightseeing every year.

A well-known and highly regarded temple in the area is Laxmi Narayan Mandir. In 1964, the temple's Lord Krishna statue was put in place.

The royal family of Tripura provided funding support for the main temple's construction, which was done following the Indian Antiquity Act. It was established on the occasion of Shivachaturdashi in 1981.Here is the information on how to get to Unakoti using the  mode of public transportation given in our Unakoti travel guide. The closest and easiest ways to get here by air are via Kamalpur and Agartala airports.

The airport in Agartala, also known as Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IXA), has better connections to other Indian towns than the earlier airport. Overall, the airport has excellent connectivity to other surrounding areas. From the airport, you can take taxi or cabs to reach the final destination i.e. your accommodation. 

Unakoti district's Kumarghat Train Station (KUGT) is a railroad station that is well connected to other neighbouring areas. You'll need to take a public vehicle to reach your destination. If you live in one of the neighbouring towns or cities, you can also consider taking a road trip to Unakoti. To get here, you can simply book private or interstate buses online or reserve a taxi. 

Your Unakoti tourism stands incomplete if you don’t get to taste its culinary delights. This town's menu combines dishes from the Chinese, Indian, and Bengali cultures. Rice boiled in salt, Saumbai, a vegetable preparation, and fish preparations—typically dried and fermented—make up a customary local meal. Rice beer is a well-liked local brew that you can sample.

You will be awarded for visiting this holy site in Tripura with incredible stone sculptures and rock-cut representations of numerous Hindu gods and goddesses. In terms of sheer grandeur and artistry, Unakoti is a special spot with nothing in common with any other location in the nation. Get the chance to get a memorable trip with our  expert and professional team members of Unakoti travel guide.

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