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Tripura Tours & Holidays

Tripura has a variety of tourist attractions, including nature, adventure, and culture. This location advertises a diverse vacation experience of this nature. The state is distinguished geographically by the presence of five significant hill ranges that run from north to south before continuing southward till they meet the Chittagong Hill Tract in Bangladesh. Betlingchhip, one of the state's hill ranges, has the highest summit. Ten rivers are a blessing to the state. But the first thing that strikes you when you enter the state for the first time is how lush and green everything is.

Such a profusion of greenery is a delight to the senses and a gift to the sight. Let’s get along and get a glimpse of this beautiful state with the Tripura travel guide and explore the hidden gems around.




3.67 million

April to June

32°C to 33°C

July to Sep

24°C to 25°C

Oct to Feb

10°C to 26°C

An Insight into Tripura Tourism

North-East India's Tripura is a well-liked tourist destination.

It is full of stunning scenery, crystal-clear waterfalls, majestic mountains, deep forests, and a hearty helping of history and tradition. Tripura is a landlocked state that is nestled at the base of the Himalayan Mountains.

The state was once inhabited by the renowned Manikya tribe, which led to the creation of a wide variety of archaeological monuments and structures that all bear witness to the state's illustrious cultural and traditional past. The state demonstrates a singular fusion of indigenous tribal culture with a little more contemporary Bengali culture, creating a pleasant cultural atmosphere that is unmatched throughout the nation.

Tripura's climate is similar to that of every other state in the Northeast: it is generally humid, although it is also colder than the mainland. Due to the uneven terrain, the climate in each region and city varies substantially according to height. Overall, winter is the finest time of year to visit this state due to the good weather, which is perfect for exploring the towns and taking in the state's breathtaking natural treasures.

Neermahal, a building with an impressive red and white façade, is sitting in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake. This structure, which a former Tripuri King built as a summer retreat, represents Hindu and Muslim architectural styles at their finest. Enjoy the brief boat voyage to the island—only it's one of the many thrills you'll have. Ujjayanta Palace has a stunning white-capped dome structure featuring Neoclassical design elements. You must examine the musical instruments, oil paintings, tribal decorations, and terracotta figurines. Explore these magnificent locations while taking in the splendour, and imagine you are one of the Kings or Queens touring the land. Experience, consume, and broaden your thoughts of Tripura with the Tripura tour guide.

Unakoti, a legendary Shiva pilgrimage site that dates to the 7th century, bears testament to the one million Gods and Goddesses that halted there on their way to Kashi. You can learn a tale from the images carved into rocks and stones. You'll be in awe of the trio of Ganeshas and the 10m-tall Shiva idol! The Tripura State Tribal Museum uses interactive technology to immerse visitors right in the centre of native tribal culture. This museum is nothing less than a 4-D blockbuster, featuring a video wall that depicts arts and crafts, dioramas that show the topography, including hills, plains, and plateaus, interactive kiosks, and captivating short films.

India's northeastern region has abandoned Tripura. The state is quite lovely despite its small area. Tripura, which is made up of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, sanctuaries for wild animals teeming with rare plants and animals, and a colourful mix of numerous cultures, emanates an undiscovered allure.

The state's primary airport is situated in the state capital of Agartala. Regular flights to and from Agartala are offered by numerous public and commercial airlines. Tripura can be reached by flight in less than 45 minutes from Kolkata and Guwahati. There are three other airports in the state, located in Khowai, Kamalpur, and Kailashahar, where light charter planes can readily land.

Traditional Tripura platters for meat lovers would often include rice, lentils, veggies, chutney, fish, and meat. The food of Tripura, locally referred to as "Mui Borok," is mild, organic, zesty, and infused with delicate yet distinct and aromatic herbs and spices. Tripura's cuisine draws its flavours and ingredients from the tribal groups, Bengalis and Muslims, that live there. The Tripuri platter's use of minimal oil and herbs, which makes it incredibly nutritious, is one of its most fascinating features. Additionally, great vegetarian options are available, even though the platter may be dominated by rice, fish, and other non-vegetarian dishes. 

The dish known as "berma," which is made of dry, fermented fish, basically defines Tripura’s menu. Additionally, Chakhwi, Champrai, Gudok, Khalok, Kasoi Mwkhwi, Panch Phoron Tarkaari, Wahan Mosdeng, and others. Almost a staple, fish stews and dishes with bamboo shoots are also well-liked.

The state's food also excels in several dishes from Chinese cuisine and a gentler, less spicy variation of Bengali cuisine. Try this quintessential Tripura dish. Panch Phoron Tarkari is a vegetarian’s delight. It is equally good and satisfying because it is made with potatoes, pumpkins, and brinjal. Wahan Mosdeng is a delectable pork dish cooked with onion, coriander leaves and roasted green chilli. Make sure you try it.

North East India's Tripura region is a cultural wonder. The state is visually stunning due to its abundance of green hills and valleys. The state's majestic palaces, which are set against a backdrop of nature, are a witness to its captivating history. In this region of the nation, supporting tribal culture and heritage places is enjoyable since Tripura tourism offers genuine keepers of traditions that are of discovering. 

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