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Dharmanagar Tour & Travel Guide

Dharmanagar, Tripura's second-largest metropolis after Agartala, has breathtaking natural beauty. The green and peaceful environs of this city are well-known. The city is also considered ancient since it has a lot of old temples. Many emperors have lived here, and thus, this place has been considered historically rich. The city once had a huge geographic area, but it was severely reduced over time due to partition and other factors.

Numerous such historic ruins can be found in the city, which serves as a living museum for the city's lengthy past. Let's take a deeper look into Dharmanagar tourism with the help of our travel guide.



Top Sites

Jampui Hill, Udayan Buddha Bihar, Dighi Lake, Kalibari, Hari Mandir

April to June

32°C to 33°C

July to Sep

24°C to 25°C

Oct to Feb

10°C to 26°C

An Insight into Dharmanagar Tourism

The ancient Rajmala manuscripts of Tripura reveal Dharmanagar's historical past.

According to the Rajmala, the title "Dharmanagar" was given to the region by unidentified ancient kings whose names contained the word "Dharma." Moreover, Dharmanagar is renowned for its overall academic brilliance. There are many top-notch schools present here in both Bengali and English medium.

The western region of Tripura is where the city of Dharmanagar is situated. The Mizoram state borders the metropolis in the south, the Maulvi Bazar of Sylhet, Bangladesh, in the north, the Kailashahar of Unakoti District in the west, and the Karimganj District of Assam in the east. Dharmanagar experiences lovely weather all year long. Winters are chilly here and, thus,  have low temperatures. The best time to visit the city would be from October to March.

There are a good number of  Dharmanagar tourist attractions. We have mentioned many of them in our Dharmanagar travel guide. The highest peak range in Tripura is called Jampui Hill. Jampui, also known as the everlasting hills of spring, is renowned for its enchanting natural scenery. Orange farms, well-known throughout India, are Jampui's main claim to fame. Jampui Hills' scenic grandeur makes it worthwhile for visitors who want to escape nature.

From the different viewing points here, visitors can get a panoramic view of the lovely valley and the villages of Mizoram. One of the most well-known sacred sites in North Tripura is Udayan Buddha Bihar, which is located 28 kilometers from Dharmanagar. The "Osto Dhatu" idol is 4.5 feet tall, made of eight different kinds of metal, and weighs 300 kg.

During Buddha Jayanti, Udayan Buddha Bihar is crowded with hundreds of worshippers. Dighi Lake, one of the top tourism destinations in Dharmanagar, is in the city's center.

Two of Dharmanagar's most important shrines, Kalibur and Hari Mandir are located near the lake. The neighboring shops, greenery, and temples make the Dighi Lake a popular tourist destination making it a perfect spot to explore Dharmanagar sightseeing.

It is a sight to behold when the shrine is lit up and decorated for Kali and Durga pujas. Another significant religious place near Dharmanagar is the Hari mandir, close to Kalibri. The temple, on the banks of the Dighi, is a revered destination for pilgrims in Dharmanagar.

Let's take a quick look at all the possible travel options in the Dharmanagar travel guide if you want to visit the city. The town of Dharmanagar is located in the northeastern state of Tripura but lacks a local airport. Aizwal Airport in Mizoram, about 83 kilometers from the town, is the only source of flight connectivity. More than 160 km separate Dharmanagar from Tripura's Agartala Airport. Another airport that can be used to get to Dharmanagar is Kumbhirgram Airport, which is 88 kilometers distant from Silchar, Assam. From the airports, travelers can board buses or cabs to reach their respective destinations.

The state of Tripura's various districts and the cities and districts of neighboring states like Assam and Mizoram are all connected by roads. Long routes between cities like Dharmanagar and Guwahati and Dharmanagar and Agartala make it easier to move passengers. Private companies run both AC and non-AC vehicles. Additionally, tourists can rent cabs.

Dharmanagar has a rich cultural and historical significance.. The splendor of the location in North-Eastern India can be explored through our Dharmanagar travel guide, which has all the necessary information regarding this northeastern city of India. Now that you have learned a lot about this beautiful destination make sure you are visiting the same anytime soon. 

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