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Dimapur Tour & Travel Guide

Dimapur, the entrance to Nagaland, is a captivating region in the Northeast and a must-see tourism destination. In Naga, "the city beside a huge river" is called Dimapur. Dimapur was once the seat of government for the Kachari tribe, whose remnants can still be seen. It is bordered on one side by the Dhansiri River and on the other by wooden meadows. In addition to archaeologists exploring its fascinating past, the area is nevertheless crowded with business tourists because of its economic hubs.

You can enjoy captivating Dimapur sightseeing views. Hills encircle the area on all sides. In Dimapur, there are numerous attractions for tourists, including the green park, the Intanki Sanctuary, and the scientific park. There are many places and things to explore in this hidden gem of Nagaland which we will discuss further in this Dimapur travel guide. 



Top Sites

The Triple Falls, Kachari Ruins, Chumukedima Village, Zoological Park, Diezephe Village 

April to June

16 °C to 31°C

July to Sep

21°C to 40°C

Oct to Feb

4°C to 24°C

An Insight into Dimapur Tourism

The Dhansiri River, or Dong-Siri, translates to "a tranquil river"

This city has always been referred to as the Brick City by the Ahoms and European scholars. History shows that the mighty race known as the Dimasa Kachari Community, which originated in northeastern India, had its ancient capital there. Even the seat of the capital of the Dimapur Kingdom is thought to have been largely surrounded by a brick wall that was four feet wide and around sixteen feet tall.

Winter is the ideal time to visit Dimapur because it is a highland station. A maximum low of 10°C is reached in November and December, which is ideal for outdoor enjoyment and tourist excursions. Travel to Dimapur should be avoided during the rainy season due to the possibility of landslides. With the help of the Dimapur travel guide, you can plan your trip in the best weather and have an exciting trip.

There are many things to do in Dimapur which you are certainly going to enjoy. Here are some tourist places which you should definitely visit with the help of a Dimapur tour guide. Every nature enthusiast should visit this location, which Nagaland's tourism bureau meticulously maintains. The existence of several monoliths is a well-known feature of the Kachari ruins. The scattered remnants of temples discovered here are thought to be those of ancient embankments and temples.

The Rangapahar Reserve Forest is another tourist attraction in Dimapur, regarded as one of the best locations to discover wildlife. The reserve is mostly well-known for its extensive collection of medicinal plants. Another well-liked tourist destination is the Nagaland Science Centre, where you can learn about a wide variety of plants and medications. This location draws lots of visitors each year because of its many attractions.

Diezephe village, which is renowned for its handicrafts and handloom, is another well-known village in Dimapur that is worth seeing. One of the greatest places to shop in Dimapur is this village, where you can buy everything you need directly from the producers and avoid paying inflated market prices. The same type of handicrafts and handlooms are put up in a number of workshops spread around the area.

Here is everything mentioned in this Dimapur travel guide regarding transportation to Dimapur. The airport in Dimapur has the same name and the IATA code DMU. This airport, which was constructed during World War II, is believed to be the only civil airport in the entire northeastern region of our nation. Take a connecting flight from Kolkata or Guwahati to get here. Consider hiring a cab to get to your desired location once you depart at the airport.

If you intend to travel to Dimapur by train, you must depart at the Dimapur Train Station. It has significant train connectivity, making it quite well-connected to neighboring regions. Consider using a taxi or another type of local transportation after leaving the station to go to your destination. The dining options in and around Dimapur are extremely diverse. Typically, the cuisines of the various tribes vary, but they frequently mix. The most popular foods in the area are meat, boiled vegetables, and chutneys.

Although it is illegal in Dimapur, alcohol can occasionally be found there. Different Naga tribes use distinct cooking techniques. A common Naga food called "Tathu" comprises rice, a meat dish, chutney, and a boiled vegetable. This tribe's food is primarily boiled and steam-cooked. Vegetables that have been boiled play a significant role in Naga cuisine. Following are some of the top restaurants where you can enjoy the Nagaland cuisine.

This fascinating city, also known as "The City Near the Great River," is home to ancient stone monoliths, temple remains, unearthed royal tanks, and much more. Being the only airport in the state, it is the biggest city in Nagaland. Ruins of buildings can be found across the historic city, a monument to its extensive cultural heritage.

Surprisingly, most of the ancient civilization in this area was non-Aryan, as evidenced by the stone monoliths and baths that serve as historical markers. History lovers will enjoy exploring the numerous ruins of the Dimasa Kachari tribe's former residences. Try visiting adjacent towns and villages to see daily life and shop for trinkets and souvenirs. With the Dimapur travel guide you can get an exciting and planned trip to this beautiful northeastern city. 

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