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Nagaland Tours & Holidays

One of the most popular hill station tourist attractions in India is the charming state of Nagaland, located in the north-east of the nation. A visit to this mesmerising state will open up a panorama of things you may see and do to make your vacation memorable. Nagaland is as much about scenic beauty as it is about well kept history and custom. Nagaland is another word for beauty and wealth; it is home to the tribes, who are fiercely protective of their culture and identity.

Just below Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland is located in the extreme northern east. Myanmar, a neighbouring country, is located along its lengthy eastern border of the Nagaland map. Arunachal Pradesh borders to the north and Assam to the west. Like them this Nagaland tour guide will take you to the most refreshing journey to visit and explore the heart of India.




2.19 Millions

April to June

16 °C to 31°C

July to Sep

21°C to 40°C

Oct to Feb

4°C to 24°C

An Insight into Nagaland Tourism

Nagaland is a beautiful world full of beauty, allure, and adventure that draws people from far and wide.

It is a must-see place. For some, the accessibility is the sole issue, which is a crucial point and might be the only explanation for why this place appears like something out of a dream. However, the roads are actually rather convenient, with easily accessible motorways passing through Assam, West Bengal, Nagaland, and the rest of the Northeast. Travelers go into the Naga Hills for an excellent Nagaland tour and to create lifelong memories of the people, food, and culture.

The top spots to explore Nagaland sightseeing should be visited along with the various routes and modes of transportation available. The best examples of sites to see in Nagaland are Mokokchung, Mon, Kohima, Wokha, and Tuensang, to mention a few.

When visiting Nagaland, you can go on outdoor adventure trips like fishing, which is a popular and enjoyable activity to do in several of the region's rivers, and to do that, this Nagaland travel guide is going to help you with all of it.

For the majority of the year, Nagaland has a comfortable climate. Winter temperatures range from 4 to 24 degrees, while summer temperatures range from 16 to 31 degrees. Winter is still the best time to come, even though the summers are cooler than in any other region of India. Due to the high levels of humidity, and landslides, monsoons should be avoided as much as possible. Though with the help of this weather information mentioned in this Nagaland Travel guide, you can plan accordingly

The top popular places in Nagaland are best explored along with the various routes and with modes of transportation available there. And this is what draws tourists to Nagaland to view its numerous magical locations and take part in its spectacular festivals, as well as its lush and fantastical hill stations—the greatest examples of which are Mokokchung, Mon, Kohima, Wokha, and Tuensang, to mention a few. Because Nagaland is home to a variety of flora and fauna and because you can go on a trekking tour to some of the top spots to trek in Nagaland, this place is a paradise for nature lovers.

When visiting Nagaland, you can go on outdoor adventure excursions like fishing, which is a popular and enjoyable activity to do in several of the region's rivers. The state's bird sanctuary in Kohima is another attraction that is well visited. 

Some rare and threatened species, such as Blyth's Tragopan and Dark-Rumped Swift, may be found in Nagaland's Pulie Badze Wildlife Sanctuary. Additionally, this sanctuary boasts two significant features, Japfu Peak and Dzukou Valley, which are adjacent to one another.

The Mary Help of Christians Cathedral, Kachari Ruins, Langpangkong Caves, Totsu Cliff, Longwa Village, and Twin Stones, to name a few, are just a few of the historical places in Nagaland that should be included on any sightseeing tour of the state.

Make sure you leave space in your suitcase when you go to Nagaland so you may bring a basket back. They are both aesthetically beautiful and incredibly practical because they are handmade with cane and bamboo sticks. The sale of the black dog at Naga Bazaar, which is part of the livestock auction, is one uncommon sight in Nagaland. In Nagaland, the tourism industry is quickly growing to be significant. By its breathtaking natural beauty and unique culture, thousands of local and foreign tourists are drawn to Nagaland

In Nagaland, there is only one airport: Dimapur Airport. Through Air India and Indigo, it provides domestic flights. You must use the Bordoloi Foreign Airport in Guwahati or the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata for international flights.

Visitors can get a peek at meats, vegetables, and some crawlies, including silkworm larvae, tadpoles, and honeycombs, at Naga Keeda Bazaar. If this doesn't appeal to your taste, don't worry. This Nagaland travel guide is about to show you several delectable restaurants that you can go to. In Dimapur, Ethnic Table serves traditional Naga food produced with local products. Each dish honors a love of life, the hills, and enduring customs. What we suggest are the pork ribs that have been prepared in a Khamieti (local black pepper) sauce. It has crispy skin and is gooey and delicious.

A hip hangout with a sizable menu, Dream Café is a rooftop café in the center of Kohima. Go there for the surreal decor and stunning vistas, even if it's not for the delectable coffees and mocktails. Rice with meat or veggies is the staple diet of the Naga people. Traditional dishes from Nagaland include rice beer, snails, and smoked-dried pig curry with akhuni (fermented soybeans). A delicious sweet dish prepared with bananas, rice flour, and jaggery is called koat pitha.

Nagaland has much to offer outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy the outdoors since it is adorned with undulating mountains, raging rivers, and beautiful green forests. Trekking, camping, rock climbing, fishing, river rafting, and a plethora of other thrilling adventure sports are among the numerous alternatives available to tourists. The Nagaland Travel Guide offers all the information about popular hikes, travel destinations, and other vital Nagaland-related travel-related details.

Popular Places of Nagaland

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