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Champhai Tour & Travel Guide

The administrative centre of the Champhai district is located in the town of Champhai, which is located on Mizoram's eastern border. The border is near the Indo-Myanmar border. It is strategically and commercially significant for both India and the state of Mizoram, which is located 188 kilometres away from the capital city of Aizawl.

There are several Champhai tourist attractions, most of which are found in natural surroundings. These places include the Kungawrhi Puk cave, the Tiau Lui River, the Lianchhiari Lunglen Tlang, and a few others. Another famous natural landmark that is renowned in both Champhai and the state of Mizoram is Rih Dil Lake. At the Thasiama Seno Neihna, 83 kilometres south of Champhai, adventure seekers can indulge in hiking and other adventurous activities. Let's explore more about Champhai tourism with the help of our guide.



Top Sites

Phawngpui Peak, Lamsial Puk, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, Thasiama Seno Neihna, Mura Puk

April to June

20° C to 29° C

July to Sep

20°C to 30 °C

Oct to Feb

11° C to 21° C

An Insight into Champhai Tourism

Lalbura Sailo, a Mizo chief and the son of Vanhnuailiana, reportedly regarded Champhai as his headquarters.

The hostile British mission of 1871–1872 was targeted at him. During the British era, Champhai was designated as a fort. During this time, no cultivation had been done to the soil in this area. So, with support from the British Colonial Authorities, rice irrigation was started in 1898. The main aim of doing this was to provide rice to British soldiers and labourers.

The adjacent hill slopes are home to recently imported 'Kiwi' fruit plantations, well-kept vineyards, and passion fruit plantations, which offer a kaleidoscope of colour. If you love shopping, you would love the shopper's paradise of Champhai in its marketplace. You can choose from a wide variety of household goods, clothing, gadgets, cosmetics, and more at discount rates.

However, in order to avoid a customs fine, visitors are advised not to engage in excessive shopping.  The climate in Champhai is warm and moderate. Eighteen degrees Celsius, on average, is the yearly temperature. The region can be visited all year round because of the temperate environment, although it is best to avoid the rainy season (June to September) when it tends to rain hard and may cause your tour to be cancelled. With the help of our Champhai tour guide, you can plan your trip in the best weather and make the best out of this city. 

In the breathtakingly gorgeous Murlen National Park, you can see a wide range of some of the most endangered animal species. This location covers a huge region of about 100 sq km. You can also see the hills in their astoundingly unspoiled grandeur, standing tall and proud. As a result, you might later regret not going there. Rih Dil: This heart-shaped lake, as its name suggests, is home to some of nature's most exquisite features. A fascinating thing about this location is that despite being in Mizoram, a portion of the lake is in Myanmar. This is a result of the two countries' political boundaries. We wager that you were unaware of this.

Mura Puk is the kind of location that history buffs must not overlook at all costs. Six caves can be found here for you to explore and enjoy the same adrenaline rush as an Indiana Jones adventure. The origin of Mura Puk, however, is not documented in any reliable historical sources. Unless you are a historian, though, that won't be a problem for you. 

You can find a wide range of plants and creatures to discover in Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, which occupies an area of around 80 sq km. People who enjoy the outdoors will find this region to be the ideal vacation destination because there is an abundance of beautiful scenery and vibrant colours here. Additionally, there is always a chance that you will witness an animal that you have never seen before.

You can get to Champhai using the following mode of public transportation mentioned in our Champhai travel guide. If you intend to travel to Champhai by plane, you should know that Lengpui Airport (AJL), located in Aizawl, is the closest airport to Champhai and is around 215 kilometres distant. It has decent connections to other areas. After departing, you can easily take a taxi or use another form of public transit to travel to your desired location. 

Champai offers very little variety of various cuisines and adheres strictly to its own food. However, regional cuisine is always tempting and quite popular among visitors. Among the other regional foods that can be found here are bamboo shoor pickles, Chhangban, Jadoh, Kikpu, and Tung-toh. Khualsim Food Corner R C Restaurant BSP Restaurant are some restaurants where you can try to get the authentic flavour of Champhai.

Champhai has a very low population density, which lends it an unspoiled aura of beauty. This city should be visited if you want to enjoy the simple things in life because it is a simple town. In the Mizoram district, this town is well-located. You will come across picturesque hills, vibrant wisp, and many more stunning sights. Make the best use of this comprehensive Champhai travel guide and explore everything that this place offers.

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