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Mizoram Tours & Holidays

The northeastern state of Mizoram also referred to as the "Songbird of India," is one of the smallest in the country. Mizoram is a popular tourist destination because of its comfortable year-round weather due to its temperate climate. The Mizoram map is surrounded by Bangladesh and Myanmar. This destination is known for its adventurous landscapes and gushing rivers.

A person can only experience Mizoram's rich culture and big festivals in person; words cannot adequately describe or capture its alluring beauty. You will undoubtedly be transferred to a new place by the Mizoram region's abundant vegetation and its 21 hill ranges. To enter Mizoram, you need an Inner Line Pass. Mizoram provides you with a tranquil, serene environment together with fun outdoor activities in stunning, verdant surroundings that keep you close to tranquil nature.




1.21 Millions

April to June

20° C to 29° C

July to Sep

20°C to 30 °C

Oct to Feb

11° C to 21° C

An Insight into Mizoram Tourism

Mizoram, which is also referred to as the Land of Blue Mountains 

The Land of the Lushai Highlanders, is a breathtakingly gorgeous region. Tourism in Mizoram is well recognized for its amazing views from cliffs, magnificent waterfalls, and scenic towns situated within oceans of morning mist that engulf the hills and peaks in its embrace. Mizoram is covered in lush green forests. Here is a comprehensive Mizoram travel guide to assist you in organizing your trip there. 

Travelers find the attractive mountain villages and verdant valleys beyond Aizawl to be quite alluring. The Mizos are courteous and friendly people who live independently. The highlands of Mizoram are frequently shrouded in a never-ending haze. They appear to be beautiful. Even at night, a layer of cloud may be seen drifting close to the hills. That’s why this place is called the "house of clouds". The country of the Lushai highlanders greets with open arms and provides a variety of natural beauties and lovely countryside.

There are three distinct seasons in Mizoram: summer, winter, and monsoon. However, none of the seasons have extremely high temperatures. Monsoon season begins in May and replaces the summer months starting in March. The greatest season to visit the state is winter. You will fall in love with the scenery and the cool temperatures. This time of year is still in the ideal temperature range for travel.

Talking about the popular places to visit in Mizoram, there are a plethora of options to choose from and the Mizoram tour guide will help you through all of them. Aizawl is undoubtedly a treat for the eyes. Mizoram's capital city is situated at a height of 3500 feet above sea level. On the hill's slopes, hundreds of houses and other structures stake their claims to the land and help make the city what it is. The village is endowed with tranquilly, calm, and a wealth of unspoiled natural beauty.

The river Tlawng flows slowly in the east, while the angular Durtlang hills rise sharply to the north. Shopping at Bara Bazaar, visiting the Tourism Centre at Bungkawn, admiring the starry skies from the crags of Durtlang, and going to the Lammaul Ground to see young footballers compete are just a few of the pleasures available in Aizawl. 

On foot or on bike, Mizoram sightseeing can be explored in its fullest. Mizoram has dense, emerald forests covering over 91% of its surface. Several national parks, including Phawngpui Blue Mountain National Park, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, and Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary, are located inside the lush embrace of these woods.

One of the greatest Christian populations in the nation will be found in Mizoram. Smaller Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu communities are scattered across the localities. There are churches everywhere, whether it is the solemn, soft-gray Solomon Church, which can seat up to 2,000 people, or the creamy Baptist Church of Mizoram, which has thousands of members.

Mizoram may shine like an emerald green gemstone, yet it has multiple aspects like any other gem. You'll learn that Mizoram is a much larger state than just the lovely metropolis of Aizawl. Explore Mizoram's handloom industry by traveling to Thenzawl. On your train to Bairabi City, take in the beautiful beauty that you will witness. Let your eyes go through the wide rice fields of the Champhai town. The development of tourist facilities, roadside facilities, lodging, and other infrastructure would be done at a few chosen Mizoram tourist destinations and circuits.

Getting a flight to the nation's capital, Aizawl, would be the simplest method to travel to Mizoram. Direct flights from Kolkata, New Delhi, and Guwahati link to Aizawl. There are other, exhausting, long ways to go to Mizoram. Prepare your flight tickets in advance because they tend to be expensive. Aizawl to Guwahati, the next simple option is to travel by car if you don't want to spend money on airlines. Nearly 470 miles away Guwahati offers overnight bus service. Buses to Aizawl can be boarded from the ISBT in Guwahati as well as the ASTC Bus stand next to the Guwahati Railway Station.

From Silchar, Assam, you can also travel to Aizawl. The distance between them is hardly 175 km. Shared Sumos are also available which travel to Aizawl in about 7-8 hours. Sumos run at 6.30 AM, 11.30 AM, 3 PM, and 6 PM from Silchar to Aizawl. Changes are possible in these times. Other than a rail head in Bairabi in the Kolasib District, Mizoram does not have a train station. However, the majority of visitors go to Agartala and Silchar stations (Tripura).

The cuisine in Mizoram is exquisite. Rice is a basic meal, while the state's favored proteins are chicken, hog, beef, and fish. The main cooking method is mustard oil, and the food is served on banana leaves. Most dishes come with boiled vegetables as a side, such as spinach, eggplant, and beans. Try meals like Koat Pitha (crispy fried banana fritters), Misa Mach Poora (grilled shrimp sprinkled with pepper and a tart squeeze of lime), Chhum Han (gently cooked veggies in broth served with rice), and Bai (steamed vegetables, pork, bamboo shoot simmered in a rich pork and mustard broth).

The well-known Mizorami dishes are Vawksa Rep, Misa Mach Poora, Koat Pitha, Arsa Buhchiar, Poora Mach, Dal with eggs, and preparations of shrimp. A must-try local delicacy when visiting is Bai, a dish made with pork, spinach, bamboo shoots, and a few other steamed veggies. Zu, a type of tea, and Lubrusca grape wine are two other recommended drinks.

Mizoram is a vibrant and colorful state that encourages visitors to uphold their traditions while balancing modernization. Travel to Mizoram as soon as the season begins if only for its advanced culture and steady development. Get up, grab your bags, and head to Mizoram with the Mizoram travel guide to take part in fantastic festivals and try out any array of scrumptious cuisines.

Popular Places of Mizoram

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