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Thanga Tour & Travel Guide

Thanga, a town on an island in the Loktak Lake, is found in the Bishnupur district of the Indian state of Manipur. It is located 32km from the district headquarters in Bishnupur and 8km from the sub-district headquarters in Moirang. 

The natives of Thanga are of the Meitei tribe, which has the purest members of any tribe in Manipur. They speak Manipuri, which was once a Tibeto-Burman trading language. Everyone in Thanga is a follower of Lord Sanamahi and has faith in his strength. Sanamahi idols can be seen throughout the village in a variety of locations. Our Thanga travel guide will provide further information about the town.



Top Sites

Loktak Lake, Kangla Fort, Khuga Dam, Imphal War Cemetery, Imphal Walks, Red Hill

April to June

16° to 30°

July to Sep

23°C to 30°C

Oct to Feb

08°C to 23°C

An Insight into Thanga Tourism

There are many Thanga tourist places listed in our Thanga travel guide.

One of the main tourist attractions in Thanga is Keibul Lamjao National Park, the only floating national park in the world and the last remaining natural habitat of the dancing deer Sangai. There are options for boating, bushwalking, camping, hiking, hillwalking, picnics, tramping, and trekking. It is an island in the archipelago with hills. The hilltop watchpoint provides a panoramic view of the entirety of the lake, which is one of the popular places to visit in Thanga.

Moreover, there are resorts located on the hills. Panathabam Leirak, Thanga Tongbram Leikai, and Loktak Folklore Museum (Northern shoreline of the main island) It is a museum of folklore. It showcases a variety of artistic, cultural, and historical artifacts related to the islanders. Karang Island (North of Thanga main island). There are numerous Sanamahism temples dedicated to the god Khuman Pokpa, founder of the Khuman dynasty and lord of darkness. Motorboats, rowboats, and canoes can all be used to get to the island.

Inside the main island's Thanga Oinam Leikai is the Lai Nongshaba Temple (Lainingthou Nongshaba Laishang) (The southern shoreline of the main island). It is a temple dedicated to the Sanamahism dragon lion Nongshaba. The month-long Lai Haraoba celebration is marked by dance and musical acts that honor God. One popular hiking area in Thanga is the Pukham Chingdon Tower Eagle House, which offers facilities for camping, hillwalking, and tramping.

The temple is known as Khwairakpam Lairembi (Khwairakpam Lairembi Laishang) (Southern shoreline of the main island). It is a temple dedicated to the Sanamahism deity Khwairakpam Lairembi. Garden of Lemon Tea, Thanga Heisnam (Champra Chaa Heikol Leikol), a  tea garden, is also present there. Light refreshments and lemon tea are provided here. This garden is a good place to enjoy Thanga sightseeing and see the lemon plants grown and displayed there.

Thanga is a little village in the Bishnupur district of Manipur, North East India, next to the buffer zone of the well-known Loktak Lake. At about 2455 feet above sea level, Thanga is about 55 kilometers from Imphal, the state capital. There are two methods for reaching Thanga. One way to reach Thanga is to take a private taxi from Imphal. The most practical method to get to Loktak Lake and the settlement of Thanga is to take the short, hour-plus journey.

A combination of shared vehicles can be used for the second option, starting with the 50 km trip from Imphal to Moirang. Near Ina market in the city center, vehicles depart for Moirang. You pass through various tiny villages and towns as you travel for more than an hour. The dry months from the end of October to the end of March are the ideal time to visit Thanga. It should be noted that the area is submerged in severe rain during the monsoon season, which can make getting around difficult.

It's not difficult to go around Thanga. To explore the area, choose between walking, cycling, or boarding one of the many shared cars. Getting around is pretty practical, and there are no major hassles involved. With the help of our Thanga travel guide, you can plan your trip easily. 

The only restaurants that serve Manipuri fish curry with rice and chicken are a few tiny dhabas. Dal, mixed vegetables, and a few regional potato recipes are all vegetarian options. The family provides all three daily meals and evening tea if you want to stay in a homestay.

A conventional luxury traveler will find Thanga to be a living nightmare, while adventurous travelers would find the fishing village to be a paradise. A few days should be plenty to explore the area fully. But you'll need at least three to four days overall if you really want to take everything in. Soak in all the beauty of this tiny village with the Thanga travel guide. 

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