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Manipur Tour & Holidays

Manipur has mostly remained unexplored and undisturbed by the outside world. Thus it still has its original beauty, including its culture, cuisine, and landscapes. Hills dotted with azure blue lakes and jade green forests cover the state with a warm embrace. Spend a lot of time chatting with the locals, taking in positive energy, and getting lost in the wonders of nature while you're visiting this lovely location.

Here are all the important details covered in this Manipur travel guide if you're arranging an exciting trip to this natural marvel. The only floating national park in the world is in Manipur, at Keibul Lamjao. Rasleelas, the traditional dance of Manipur, is well-known throughout India.




3.22 million

April to June

16° to 30°

July to Sep

23°C to 30°C

Oct to Feb

08°C to 23°C

An Insight into Manipur Tourism

Manipur, a bilingual state, is blessed with classical dance, amazing food, and a traditional aura.

The destination here is something that tourists cannot help but fall in love with, thanks to the natural splendor of its waterfalls, lakes, streams, flora and fauna. The state has flourished as one of India's top tourist destinations due to its rich diversity. Imphal, Bishnupur, Thoubal, Ukhrul, Churachandpur, Senapati, Tamenglong, and Chandel are some of the tourist destinations that you can tour while in Manipur. By visiting Manipur, tourists can see the friendly and welcoming nature of the locals

Even though it's hot and muggy in the summer, it never gets extreme. During the monsoon season, mountains receive moderate to heavy precipitation, covering them with lush vegetation that is surely a treat for the eyes. 

Wintertime and the onset of the summertime are great times to plan a vacation to Manipur. The greatest time to travel would be between September and April because the weather is still lovely and makes for the finest vacation. This is a great time to go since you can enjoy the mild winter chill around October and the mild warmth as you approach closer to the colder months. This Manipur tour guide assures to give you the best assistance so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

Talking about Manipur’s popular places one could visit like Loktak Lake, Sendra Island, INA Memorial, Keibul Lamjao National Park and many more. Imphal, Manipur's capital city is surrounded by important historical sites, sparkling waterfalls and lakes, imposing hilltops, and lovely valleys. Imphal's streets are continuously bustling with activity and represent the authentic character of Manipuri city life. Imphal promises its visitors the best of both worlds, including a rich historical legacy and a local city culture that is pervasive across the entire city.

Manipur’s sightseeing experience reaches the next level when paired with the gorgeous sights of colourful fish swimming in the Loktak lake and the picturesque mountains as a backdrop. There is a tonne of temples in Bishnupur that will appeal to both your spiritual side and your love of architecture. The Jor Bangla Temple, Dal Madol, Shyamraj Temple, Radha Shyam Temple, Pancha Ratana Temple, and the Sridhara Temple are some of the better ones worth visiting.

There are tourist information centres run by Manipur Tourism India in a number of states that offer information about traveling to Manipur and a variety of services, such as booking accommodations and providing information on events and places to go see and dine.

The Manipur tourism centres offer an incredible variety of tourism-related information, in addition to having a large selection of local maps, publications, and travel guides for sale. The most direct route from Nagaland to Manipur by road connects Kohima and Imphal and runs alongside NH2. Road travel to Manipur is also possible via Silchar in Assam.

From nearby locations like Aizwal, Itanagar, Kohima, Dimapur, Shilling, and more, a large number of state tourist buses are accessible. Despite being one of the Northeast's most popular travel destinations, Manipur's state capital Imphal lacks a station of its own. However, a lot of visitors travel by train to Dimapur in Nagaland, which is the station that is the closest to Imphal. Daily buses from Dimapur follow the estimated 215-kilometer National Highway 39 route to transport tourists to Manipur.

But Kolkata has the closest international airport. There are numerous pre-paid and private taxis outside the airport that will drive you where you need to go for prices as low as INR 150. You may follow the details mentioned in the Manipur travel guide in order to arrange your transportation accordingly.

All foodie travelers love Manipur for its delicious cuisines, which have earned it the nickname "food lovers' paradise." Rice, fish and a huge range of green leafy vegetables make up the primary diet of Manipur. Fish, veggies, and bamboo shoots are used to make this traditional dish. One of their staple dishes, Eromba or Chamthong, is essentially a stew comprised of boiled potatoes or vegetables with a lot of red chillies and dried fish called Ngari, all of which are garnished with Maroi and fresh coriander leaves. The Iromba is a must-experience if you're planning a trip to Manipur. 

If you enjoy trying new foods, you must follow these eateries in the Manipur travel guide. Imphal restaurants serve exquisite Chinese and Indian cuisine. In the Khwairamband bazaar, there are many kiosks selling regional cuisine. Naoba's Restaurant, Fire Bowl Restaurant, Uptown Café, and Paona Plaza are a few of Manipur's top eateries.

Many fascinating historical and cultural landmarks can be found in Manipur. This exquisite state in India is known as the "Jewel of India" due to its lovely location surrounded by nature and mouthwatering cuisine. This in-depth Manipur travel guide is intended to assist you in planning your trip and allowing you to see the country like a local.

Popular Places of Manipur

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