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Chandel Tour & Travel Guide

The small yet picturesque district of Chandel, commonly known as Lamka, is located in the northeastern state of Manipur. It is one of the nine significant districts of the state with the second-lowest population. It is known as the "Gateway to Myanmar" and is situated along the lines of the international boundary that divides India and Myanmar. The distance between it and Imphal is 64 km, and NH-39 runs through it. 

It is widely known for housing more than 20 indigenous tribes. Given the vast number of tribes who call Chandel home, its culture and customs are a wisp. The area, where the colors of the various tribes' cultures are blown out in all directions, lends a distinctive character to each group. Visitors to Chandel can enjoy the beautiful arts, lively music, and dance. Let's dig in and quickly peek through the Chandel travel guide



Top Sites

Zeilad Lake, Barak Waterfall, Tharon Cave, Buning Meadow

April to June

16° to 30°

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23°C to 30°C

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08°C to 23°C

An Insight into Chandel Tourism

Due to the reorganization, four subdivisions—Chandel Town, Tengnoupal, Chakpikarong, and Machi

Now exist in Chandel. In addition to being home to countless plant and animal species, Chandel tourism is well-known for its many different kinds of orchids, several ornamental plants, and some efficient medicinal plants. This town's culture is defined by the different tribes who live here. The Tengnoupal, the highest point on the route from India to Myanmar and capable of providing some of the most breathtaking scenery and views, is just one of the tourist destinations in the area that one may visit in addition to getting painted into their hues.

Manipur's least populous town is a must-visit for travelers to experience the country's natural beauty up close. In addition, Chandel has earned the nickname "Gateway to Myanmar" Browse this Chandel travel guide to learn more about one of Manipur's nine districts and what it has to offer.

The ideal time of year to visit Chandel is during winter. The months of October through February are the best for visiting Dantewada. While monsoon season is unquestionably the least suggested time to go due to the intense rainfall and high humidity levels. Summer is also a good time to visit, especially for those on a tighter budget.

The Chandel tour guide will help you with all the information regarding the places to visit in Chandel. The Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary, home to several species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds, is among the tourist attractions.

Tengnoupal, which offers a viewpoint across the Manipur valley. A stroll to Moreh, the entryway of Myanmar, is another option for discovering Chandel's natural splendor. In addition, Chandel has been blessed with various plant and animal species, allowing visitors to experience nature at its best. One can observe the ornamental plants and orchids that are said to be particular to the location. 

Another exciting location in Chandel is Tengnoupal, the road's highest point. From the high peak, which is only 20 kilometers from Chandel, you can see most of the Manipur Valley. This district also has nocturnal carnivores like the clouded leopard and the golden cat. Even elephants from the neighboring nation of Myanmar move here to avoid the harsh weather. 

The district's bio variety is the main draw, drawing thousands of tourists to this location. To be lost in Mother Nature's stunning lap and to appreciate Chandel sightseeing, nature enthusiasts from all over the world travel to this distant Manipur district. The district's Moreh is one of the most significant towns since it serves as the entrance to Myanmar. Manipur's international trade hub is located in Moreh. Seventy kilometers separate Chandel town and Moreh.

The Yangoupokpi- Lokchao Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1989 and had an approximate area of 185 square kilometers. Forty-two mammals, 74 bird species, 6 amphibian species, 29 reptile species, and 86 species of fish all call this sanctuary home. Other animals found here include Hoolock Gibbons (the only species of ape seen in India), stumped-tailed macaques, slow lories, wild bears, and India civet cats. Some animals found here include the golden cat and the pig-tailed macaque.

The Indo-Myanmar Road connects the districts of Chandel and Moreh. The Indo-Myanmar Road splits off where the Pallel-Chandel Road connects the district administrative offices. The following details in this Chandel travel guide could be helpful when organizing a vacation to the Chandel region.

Another one of the northeast's unusual regions is Chandel, where numerous tribes coexist together. In Chandel, there are about 20 tribal communities that have existed for many years. The Mayon, Anal, Maring, Kukis, Paite, Chothe, and Thadou are well-known tribes. Chandel is a vibrant town and district due to its cultural diversity. Lamka is another name for Chandel. Visit this city of harmony and colorful culture with our Chandel travel guide.

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