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Bihar Tour Packages

Pilgrimage Culture

Footsteps of Lord Buddha

If you have a spiritual quest and want to know about Buddhism, this trip taking you to most important..

09 Days


Culture Pilgrimage

Buddhist Pilgrimage India

Gautama Buddha, regarded by his followers as an enlightened teacher, spent a considerable part of his...

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Bihar Tour Packages

The state is believed to have routes going back to the dawn of civilization in India.

Bihar, the state of India, lies in both parts of India, the eastern and the northern, bordering Nepal. The state is the 13th largest state of India, covering an area of 36,357 sq mi, and is the third largest, most populated state of India. Bihar is a well-known religious center for Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists and one of the most popular destinations in India. This place has spiritual importance as Lord Buddha once lived here and attained Nirvana, and his footsteps can be traced in his teachings and monuments, which are present there to guide people and show them the right path. Bihar is considered the land of monasteries; the name is derived from the ancient word “Vihara”. The Ganga River flows wide and deep, enriching the plains of Bihar before distributing in Bengal’s deltoid zone.

Before the Christian era, the great rulers of the state were Bimbisar, Udayin – who founded the city of Pataliputra; Chandragupta Maurya and Emperor Ashoka and Maurya dynasty, the Sungs and the Kanvas.

After them came the Kushan rulers, followed by Chandragupta Vikramaditya of the Gupta dynasty. During the medieval period, Muslims entered the territory; the first conqueror of Bihar was Mohammed- bin-Bakhtiar Khalji. Important places to visit in Bihar are Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Pawapuri (where Lord Mahavira breathed his last and attained Nirvana), Bodh Gaya, Vikramshila (ruins of Buddhist University of higher learning), Gaya, Patna (ancient city of Patliputra), Sasaram (tomb of Shershah Suri) and Madhubani (known for its famous Madhubani Paintings).

Bihar is a land of many colors and eternal peace. Bihar is a land of constant learning of the ancient Vedas knowledge from the vedic ashrams of the rishis to the world’s oldest universities of Nalanda. The Buddhist trail begins at the capital city of Patna, where you can find a noteworthy museum that contains a collection of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures.

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05 Jan 2017
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I wanted to travel to Footsteps of Buddha; I approached Max Holidays for this as one of my friend suggested the best tour coor.......


18 Aug 2017
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Bihar is considered as the Centre of Power, knowledge and beauty. I planned a tour to Rajgir, Bodhgaya, Patna, Vaishali, Nalan.......


11 Sep 2017
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It was a flawless trip to India. I visited many places got to know about Indian culture and traditions. It was my first trip t.......

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