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Old Delhi

Old Delhi - A Hub of Exquisiteness

Dilwalo ki Dilli- that’s what everyone has to say about Delhi and the capital city has undoubtedly proved it. With its attractions starting right from its amazing culinary experiences and ending with the highly architectural monuments, Delhi has come a long way. No one can forget the introduction of this place from its residents carrying a keen sense of belongingness and a friendly behaviour with them. Delhi is a home to plentiful tourists’ destinations whether they are the tiny ones or the huge ones. Known for its squeaky lanes, yet a high architectural showcase, best culinary experiences and self-charm, a tour to OLD DELHI is proving to be a heartthrob of millions in this contemporary world.

One of the most interesting places in India with its basic characteristics of religion, food and culture bumping into each other along with the narrow lanes, Purani Dilli is serving as a vibrant hub in Delhi. I love this place and especially the foods that are offered here whether on the streets or the tiny restaurants. Not only the food, this place has a variety of things to be offered and that too in abundance. I along with my friends recently planned a trip to the streets of Old Delhi and, undoubtedly had an amazing time there. However, we have brought up some of the essential things that you must give a glance on while being present in Old Delhi.

The exquisite early morning walk

Despite of Old Delhi being the busiest place, it is one of the most serene ones in the morning. With the streets being overcrowded during the daytime, they are lonely in the morning. I was lost in the easy and still environment of this place as it took me back to the monochromatic time with its serenity and tranquillity. One of my kind experiences of Delhi is surely going to be the ‘early morning walk of Old Delhi’. Thus, it is highly recommended for you to indulge in a visit to this spot and that too early in the morning.

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Best of the best culinary experience

Whether it is a time for the breakfast, lunch or dinner- Old Delhi has always served as a one stop solution for swiping off the hunger of every visitor here. This hub for the foodies entails some of the most exquisite delicacies consisted in the Old Delhi’s Food Tour including the majorly renowned Paranthe Vali Gali, Jalebiwala on the Chandni Chowk’s corner, Karim’s, Changezi Chicken in Daryaganj to name a few along with abundant others. Majority of the food especially for the non-vegetarians can be attained in the Jama Masjid Area.

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Old Delhi’s Historical Monuments

Old Delhi is a sheath to abundant monuments with some of them being the Red Fort, Delhi Gate, Khooni Darwaza and some pilgrimage centres i.e. the Sheeshganj Gurudwara and the Jama Masjid. Old Delhi is a proud showcase of all religions at one place as it incorporates the spiritual hubs of every religion. However, this place is known majorly for Jama Masjid and Red Fort. Being a pilgrimage centre for the Muslims, Jama Masjid has carried the limelight of this place as it is ardently visited by millions of devotees each year and is also considered one of the largest mosques in India.

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 Shopaholics’ hub

Whether it is a clothing accessory, electronic gadget, stationery or even a plastic toy- a tour to Old Delhi has all of it. The tiny shops here are shining with abundant things kept there with the purpose of being shopped. While shopping here, you have to deal with some of the men pulling their rickshaws and the overcrowded streets with some kind of chaos. Some of the most prominent markets in Old Delhi include the Dariba Kalan Road for silver and costume jewellery, for marriage purposes Kinari Bazaar is the best, the Meena Bazar for the shopping of antiques and also the Cycle Bazaar in Old Delhi.

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The most- amazing Rickshaw Rides

Want to explore the beauty of Old Delhi just like a locale? If yes, then you can head towards the lanes of this through a rickshaw ride. This is one of a kind experience that will prove to be a different one for every visitor here. You will be visiting the multiple monuments, bazaars, restaurants, elegant shrines and other prominent areas in Old Delhi through the rickshaws while indulging in the historical relevance of the bygone tales of this highly busy city.

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OLD DELHI is unequivocally a ‘must-visit place’ in the capital city of India. Indulge in the serenity of this place by having some of the glimpses of this spot through a majestic TOUR IN OLD DELHI.

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