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Taklakot Travel Guide

Taklakot is called by plenty names with one of the most renowned amongst them being the ‘Burang’, however only the Nepalis and the Hindus call it as Taklakot. The city carries a massive historical relevance as it is known as the residing place of the Buddha’s previous incarnation- Sudhana and also was a great trading post during the bygone era. Inviting all the pilgrims and the devotees to facilitate the Parikrama around the Mount Kailash, Taklakot is serving as a perfect getaway for the same. Thus, anyone striving for a perfect peaceful environment with an add on of divinity and piousness can without any doubt head towards the Taklakot region that is surely fill up your senses with massive refreshment and positivity accompanied with a thrill of fun and excitement.

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Top Sites

Mansarovar Lake, Kailash Mansarovar National Park, Gurla Mandhata

April to June

10°C to 15°C

July to Sep

5°C to 10°C

Oct to Feb

-10°C to 0°C

An Insight into Taklakot Tourism

An Ancient Trade Post Between The Laps Of Mountains…

Taklakot or Purang/Pulan/Burang lies in the valley of the Sarayu Karnali River and is the administrative center of Burang County, Ngari Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. It is surrounded by Gurla Mandhata (Mount Namonanyi) and the Abi Gamin ranges in the south and Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash in the north. Among its various names, Nepalis and Indians call it as Taklakot. It is known as a large trading center with various distinct settlements separated by the Humla Karnali River or Mabja Tsangpo(Peacock River in Tibetan language). Varieties of goods are traded by the Nepali traders from the Humla and Darchula regions. Tibetan salt and wool are traded for Indian consumer goods and Nepali rice.

Taklakot is also the place that invites the Hindu pilgrims from India to make a parikrama(circling of the mountains) of Mount Kailash. It is also said to be the place where a previous incarnation of Buddha, Sudhana lived. Travelers can visit the ancient fort of Tegla Kar (Lying Tiger Fort) and Simbiling Monastery which are on a cliff above the town.

Below them is the Tsegu Gompa(Nine-Storey Monastery) which is speculated as a Bon establishment. It contains many unique and ancient wall paintings.

20 km drive south of Taklakot is the Korjak Monastery is also of great importance as it is a center for the Sakya order, founded by Rinchen Zangpo as the first monastery of Buddhism’s second diffusion in Tibet. This monastery is close to Darchen and Chiu Village on Lake Manasarovar. The ruins of the Shepeling Monastery and the cliff side Gokung Monastery (having many meditation retreat caves) are also to be visited. Apart from Lake Manasarovar, Lake Rakshastal( also known as Lhanag-tso Lake) is also a beautiful location to visit. Valiant travelers also love to pass through the Zhuomala Mountain Pass and visit Gauri Kund. Other locations of interest for the travelers are the Namu Na’ni Peak, Mayou Mula Mountain, Phulan International Market and Kejia Temple in the Taklakot County.

Not only Taklakot is known for its commercial trade purpose but also resembles to a place which is famous for safeguarding its history and culture. This place is enriched with many architectural beauties and mighty landscapes.

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