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Namtso Lake Travel Guide

Carrying the meaning of a ‘’Heavenly Lake’’, the Namtso Lake has successfully grabbed the multiple titles including the ‘2nd largest salt water lake in China’, ‘largest lake in Tibet’ and also the ‘world’s highest lake’. A year-round destination with a pinch of natural beauty showing its charm like nothing else is literally a scenic view that you can solely attain from the pristine characteristic of the Namtso Lake. It is acting as a sheath to over 1500 lakes and some small cluster of islands including the most famous hiking treat Tashi Peninsula which are making the lake- ‘a paradise on the earth’. The majestic array of the snow-capped mountains with the turquoise coloured crystal and clear appearance of this pious lake is no less than a retreat to its visitors who are seeking for an ultimate serenity and sense of spirituality within themselves.

Namtso Lake Map


Top Sites

Namtso Lake, Tarboche, Karuo

April to June

10°C to 15°C

July to Sep

5°C to 10°C

Oct to Feb

-10°C to 0°C

An Insight into Namtso Lake Tourism

Paradise of Nature!

Situated between Damxung County of Lhasa and Baingoin County of Nagqu Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China is the Namtso Lake or Lake Nam. It is famous as the “Heavenly Lake”. Its origin was in the Paleogene age due to the Himalayan tectonic plate movements. This is supposed to be the largest salt lake in the Tibet Autonomous Region and the highest lake in the world. Lake Namtso has five unoccupied islands of reasonable size among which Liangduo Island is the largest. It is considered as one of the three holy lakes of Tibet apart from Lake Yamdrok and Lake Manasarovar.

Lake Namtso has an alpine tundra climate. The weather is subject to sudden change. Migratory birds like Ruddy shelduck and cormorants make this Lake their home during summers. Lake Namtso has been credited as the most capturing places in the Nyainqentanglha mountain range. It has been the destination of the Tibetan pilgrims. Various settlements near the Lake area are Dobjoi, Donggar and Cha’gyungoinba.

The main water supply of this lake is from the melted snow and ice of the Nyenchen Tangula Mountains. It is the best pasture land of north Tibet with lush grass growing on the land near the lake. Apart from the five islands, there are five peninsulas among which Zaxi Peninsula is the largest. It has various attractions like the Zaxi Monastery, stone forest and naturally formed bridges. The stone forest is a home to many bizarre stone peaks, grottos, perplexing rocks, steep peaks, etc.

The lake’s beautiful shade of turquoise and the magnificent mountains enhances the overall charisma of the place. Yingbin stone (Gods of Gate or Couple stone) are hung with prayer flags and encircled with Marnyi Stones and Yak Skulls. Gassho stone (Parents stone) is the personification of Nyainqentanglha Range and Namtso Lake. The sunrise and sunset on the hill top of Tashi peninsula are something that cannot be missed by anyone. Apart from its captivating beauty, Lake Namtso offers various places of religious and cultural significance for the travellers. In the south-eastern corner of the lake is the Tashi Dor Monastery.

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