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Wildlife Tours

Considered the ‘Biodiversity Hotspot’ all over the world

Nepal is continually prominent as a habitat to thousands of wildlife species as well as the highly attractive flora’s variety. Diversity in the wildlife of Nepal prevalent here is a pristine illustration of the favorable climatic conditions as well as a highly secure and safe environment for them.

However, the way of preserving the natural species here is highly distinct from other countries. This is because Nepal has broadly classified its security for the things in the wild based on their existence i.e. the Common and the Protected. Rare species, such as those comprising some birds, reptiles, and animals, are included in the Protected ones whereas the common leopard and the spotted deer come under the Common ones due to their being available in a satisfactory amount.

The Fauna in Nepal's Wildlife is highly endemic and, thus, plays a significant role in the beauty of this country.

For anyone striving to quench his thirst for getting an opportunity to communicate with the wilderness, Nepal shall act as a one-stop solution in this regard. The steamy jungles of this country and the beguiling environment of the national parks here act as an apt fusion of beauty and serenity contained at a single place.

Approximately more than 870 species can easily be spotted in the forests and other preserved areas of Nepal.

Some of the hugely renowned places which are home to the beguiling flora and fauna here are the Chitwan National Park and the Bardia National Park. The Chitwan National Park is witnessed as the most famous national park in Nepal as it not only contains a hub of species but is also an access route to Kathmandu. But, on comparing it with the Bardia National Park, it is concluded that Bardia is more pristine and also remote. During your journey in these National Hubs, you can walk past the exotic and scenic views of the lush green environment with a pinch of adventures in the park. Apart from this, the fun-filled Elephant Safaris, adventurous Jungle Walks, and thrill-packed trips in the Jeeps are more than enough to keep you engaged throughout the day.

However, one cannot expect the availability of all kinds of animals solely in the lowlands because some of the fauna is found in the high altitudes regions, such as the red panda and the Himalayan. In case you are striving to get some of the best Nepal Wildlife Tours Packages, go no further than Max Holidays, as we have brought a variety of options for you to choose from.

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07 Oct 2022
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My childhood obsession of seeing the animals in the wild has finally come true. Thank You Max Holidays for helping me out in experiencing the Wildl.......


07 Oct 2022
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I always heard about the beauty and the wilderness in the Chitwan National Park, but never got a chance to visit it. However, luckily as my dream c.......


Jordan - Jordan

07 Oct 2022
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"Max Holidays has been a highly-supportive travel partner during my journey to the wild in Nepal. The team is very knowledgeable and has a sou.......

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