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Nepalgunj Travel Guide

Sharing its border with the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Nepalgunj is the Nepal’s beguiling city that is presently experiencing the largest Muslim community. However, the residents here are indulged in speaking Hindi more than Nepali making it a culmination of the hectic Indian flavour. The place is a fusion of a variety of the remote mountain airstrips with a pinch of the exotic national parks which are available here in a good number.

Walk past the highly favoured old bazaars in some of the areas of Nepalgunj where you can spot the highly artistic and the most graceful Tharu jewellery. All through the bazaar, one can witness many small temples including the most aesthetic garish Bageshwari Mandir which are acting as an add-on to the spiritual characteristics of this place.

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Bageshwori Temple, Soaltee Westend Premier, Mahjong Nepalgunj, Mahendra Park,  Casino at Soaltee Westend Premier

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An Insight into Nepalgunj Tourism

The Indian Town in Nepal

Nepalganj is Nepal’s second city and a chief transport hub with mountain flights, active border with India and the neighboring airport to Bardia National park. It is a sub-metropolitan city in Banke district of Nepal. It can be described as a grainy border town and has more Indian influence as one can hear more Hindi speaking population. This town is towards the south of the Mahendra Highway and towards the north of the Indian border. Culturally and ethnically, Nepalgunj is quite rich and is home to the biggest Muslim community of Nepal. Other communities also dwell together including native Nepalis and Madhesi. It shares its border with Uttar Pradesh in India. Nepalgunj has a flat base and its southern strip is the northern extension of the Gangetic Plains called Avadh or Terai.

This town is blessed with a busy bazaar area. Down the main road throughout the bazaar, many small temples are situated with the Bageshwari Mandir, dedicated to Kali. The Himalayan foothills can be seen in the distance. Babai Conservation Valley and Karnali River are just over an hour distance. Lumbini, the holy birthplace of Buddha is also few hours’ drive from Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj has an advantageous location.

Being the central point of the Mid Western Region, other places can be easily reached from this place. Due to its nearness to India, supplies are quite economical. Even the Nepalis cross over to Rupaidiha, a small market beyond the border.

Nepalgunj is famous for exciting treks to the Dolpo Plateau and Jumla region. In the route of this trek, one can find wild landscapes and Shey Phoksundo Lake which is known to change colour with the change of weather. Other trekking expeditions to Upper Dolpo region and the Shey Gompa can also be done. Other activities that can be done in Nepalgunj are visiting the Grasscutters’ Lane which gives us the taste of the traditions and life of rural Nepal and savoring the street food of the Surkhet road. Visiting The Royal Bardia National Park can also be satisfying as it allows watching the wildlife up-close.

Being a multiethnic city where people of different communities like Nepalis, Hindus, Muslims, Indians and Buddhists reside together, Nepalgunj is a platform for various art and culture to prosper.

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