Kathmandu Travel Guide

The purest picture of the ‘Real Nepal’, Kathmandu is one of the most favoured serene- filled tourists’ destination in Nepal. This picturesque region serves its visitors with a startling as well as a pupil-dilating experience accompanied by a pristine essence of the varied sounds and smells at this place. Kathmandu is unequivocally going to prove a heartthrob travel experience even if you are passing across its traffic jammed roads on a rickshaw or engaged in consuming some of its cheap but the highly delectable street food. Visiting such a splendid spot with an infinite array of the Buddhist’s religious sites is for sure going to be a ‘dream come true’ for millions of travellers from all across the globe. Not only its fascinating sights but the city’s ancient traditions’ ability to run hand in hand with the present day technology is leaving the world speechless.

  • Population

    199 million

  • Top Sites

    Peaceful Shikara, Dal lake, Nishat park., Shalimar, Shalimar Mughal Garden

  • Temprature

    10°C to 30°C
    (April to June)
    Around 35°C
    (July to Sep)
    10°C to 15°C
    (Oct to Feb)
  • Gateway to the Mighty Himalayas…

  • The royal capital of Nepal and a host to various royal palaces, well-manicured gardens and regal mansions, Kathmandu is the largest metropolis of this Himalayan region. The multiethnic population here contributes to its rich history, art, culture and economy. The scenic beauty of Kathmandu is enchanting and will capture every traveler’s interest and budget. From visiting different temples and architectural beauties to trekking the high mountains, Kathmandu gives you everything. The scenic beauty and grandeur of the Himalayas and the timeless cultural and artistic heritage of the Kathmandu calls for higher footfall of tourists and results in making Kathmandu the commercial center in Nepal.

  • Situated in the northwestern part of the Kathmandu Valley, Kathmandu is the gateway to the Nepalese Himalayas. It is the proud home of 7 World Heritage Sites namely Durbur Squares of Hanuman Dhoka, Patan and Bhaktapur, stupas of Swayambhunath and Baudhanath and temple of Pashupati and Changu Narayan. Other sightseeing locations here include Kathesimbhu Stupa (a popular Tibetan pilgrimage sight), KumariBahal (a beautiful courtyard), SwapnaBagaicha (Garden of dreams), and SetoMachhendranath Temple (Jan Bahal) to name a few. The above places will surely attract the dreamy eyes of any art and culture loving traveler.

  • Nonetheless, Katmandu does not disappoint the wildlife and adventure lovers, the ever lingering souls. Adventure sports is a must do in Kathmandu. The famous trekking/hiking spots are Nagarkot, The Kathmandu Valley Cultural Trekking trail, Champadevi Hill day hike and Shivapuri Hiking trek where trekkers can witness the actual beauty and soul binding calmness of nature. Shivapuri, apart from being the second highest peak near Kathmandu valley and a popular trekking zone, is the nearest National Park from Kathmandu and is rich in variety of animal & plant life.

  • Nepalese are culture bound people who hold their religious rites & rituals close to their heart and the entire lifestyle revolves around the same. Along with various Hindu festivals like Tihar (Festival of Lights) and Teej, Himalayan Blues Festival and Dashain are the major festivals celebrated in Kathmandu. The ardent shoppers are also not disappointed as Kathmandu offers limitless items for souvenirs like handicrafts, metal works, paper works, antiques and Pashmina and Cashmere items.