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Sravasti Tour & Travel Guide

Sravasti might not be the popular tourist destination that everyone is talking about. But it is that one destination that holds a lot for the real traveler. Explore this ancient city with Buddhist remains and ornate culture and have a wonderful travel experience. It brings to life the golden era and you get a glimpse of rich heritage steeped in history.

Sravasti is perfect for history lovers. If you’re interested in dwelling deep into Buddhist history and culture, then Sravasti will make the best destination for you. There are numerous stupas and Buddhist ruins, museums preserving ancient relics and serene Jain temples as well. Spend time in Sravasti,away from the concrete world and the chaos of big cities and rediscover yourself with new energy.

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Top Sites

Sravasti Stupa, Jetavana Monastery, Mahabodhi Temple

April to June

30°C to 40°C

July to Sep

27°C to 32°C

Oct to Feb

18°C to 26°C

An Insight into Sravasti Tourism

Feel the Magical Aura of Buddha Period

If you are willing to see history in the eye, walk through remains of centuries-old temples and stupas and feel the magical aura of Buddhism during Buddha period, then pack your bags and come to Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh of India. The place gives a feel of what people thought then, imagine people of the bygone era walking alongside, feel and understand the sounds that permeated the atmosphere then and much more beyond this. A prime destination on Lotus Path or the Buddha trail, Shravasti was excavated and identified as the relics of Saheth-Maheth, perched on the banks of the Rapti River. This small town is a very sacred place for any Buddhist and a dream destination because it is here that Lord Buddha accomplished the greatest of his miracles to confound the Tirthika non-believers. It was here Buddha created multiple images of himself, a popular theme in Buddhist art. The complex of Buddhist stupas and ruins are said to be founded by king Sravast and the town was home to Buddha for 27 years. It was also his annual rainy season shelter

The prime places here that every Buddhist travel prefers to visit include Maheth, a 400 acres area with massive gates, ramparts and remains of the ancient city, which was excavated; Sobhanath Temple, a Jain temple which believed to be the birthplace of Jain prophet Swayambunatha and is a must see; Saheth, once housed the famous Jetavana monastery, today has numerous ancient shrines, stupas and monasteries. One of the earliest Stupas of 3rd century BC with relics of the Buddha, colossal statue of Lord Buddha, which is kept at the Indian Museum in Kolkata and many such were excavated from here; Another famous stupa is the Angulimala's Stupa or Pakki Kutti, that talks of the ancient story of furious Angulimala and how he was converted into a peaceful monk.

Shravasti is a house of excellently-preserved relics of Buddha era and these stupas and remains have a meditative aura around them. Amongst everything stands an ancient Bodhi Vriksh (tree). Also see the humongous World Peace Bell here, which is said to convey the message of humanity.

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