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Chidambaram Tour & Travel Guide

Chidambaram is a popular pilgrimage site in Tamil Nadu. It is home to the majestic Natraja temple and attracts tourists and devotees from all across India and the globe. The amalgamation of culture and heritage makes this quaint town so popular. The temple town is like a museum, you can get a glimpse into the glorious past. Explore multiple layers of culture interwoven with ancient heritage and architecture. The town is also the abode of many dance and art forms. Classical dance and music are an integral part of the heritage of the city. Plan your visit around Natyanjali annual festival of classical Indian dance to have an enriching experience. If you’re nature lover, then you’d love to visit the luscious forest zone and enjoy boating in the beautiful lake.

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Top Sites

Chidambaram Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram Palace, Chidambaram Museum, Chidambaram Fort, Chidambaram Beach

April to June

24°C to 30°C

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22°C to 28°C

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16°C to 22°C

An Insight into Chidambaram Tourism

Rendezvous with South Indian Richness of Culture, Heritage & Antiquity

The abode of the revered Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram is a very significant pilgrimage destination in South India. This beautiful temple-town is 250 km from Chennai in eastern Tamil Nadu and has a number of other significant temples & sculptural monuments also. Many mythological stories are linked with Chidambaram and most popular ones are those, which describe the Cosmic Dance of Shiva, dance between Lord Shiva and Goddess Kaali. In recent years the re-discovery of the Tevaram hymns has made Chidambaram gain back popularity again. Chidambaram is no less than any place representing rich cultural and heritage of India. Antiquity, richness in heritage, deep rooted traditions, rites & rituals of festivals and worshipping methods, splendor in sculpture making & workmanship and exemplary in classical music & dance highlight the richness of this town.

Chidambaram’s architectural glory and religious importance has been famous since distant past and the town has been famous since yester-years for temples that are superb portrayals of the Dravidian architecture style and culture.

This temple town is a wonderful place to explore the history, heritage & temple culture of this part of Southern India.

If you are interested to explore and known more about the glorious history, heritage, temple culture & traditions and festivals of South India then visit to Chidambaram, will be a perfect choice. When here do visit the most revered Nataraja Temple, Thillai Kaali Amman Temple and Pichavaram. Enjoy the state forest zone with unique mangrove lake. One can go for a boat ride on the lake take for two hours. The Sattanathar Temple, Bhuvanagiri , Annamalai Nagar (University) unique place with buildings that look like ancient structures; and Maruthur. Some other places to visit here in Chidambaram are Parangipettai (sea shore), Kollidam (river), and Poompuhar.

As this town is popular for traditional & classical art forms, the Natyanjali annual festival of classical Indian dance is very popular and is attended by prominent artist. This is held towards the end of February, every year and is one of the biggest attraction that attracts thousands of tourists and performers from all over the world

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