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Ludhiana Tour & Travel Guide

An excellent location for enjoyment and soaking up the true Punjabi spirit. Yes, that is what the city of Ludhiana is about. The city is bursting with everything from sugarcane fields to Punjabi gaanas, from desi ghee ke parantha to perfect rajma chawal. In addition to being a contemporary city, Ludhiana tourism also attracts tourists and travellers from all over the world for various reasons, chief among them the abundance of Gurudwaras, forts, and historic beauty. The largest city in Punjab, Ludhiana, is on the Sutlej River's southern bank.

Many fun, exciting places to visit can be found across the city of Ludhiana. The Golden Temple, Govindgarh, Guru Ka Langar, and Qila Mubarak are in Ludhiana, which makes it worthwhile to travel there. Everything discussed in our Ludhiana travel guide will make you pack your bags for this city in Punjab.


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 Lodhi Fort, Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Pavillion Mall, Rakh Bagh Park.

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An Insight into Ludhiana Tourism

The Lodhi dynasty gave the city of Ludhiana its name.

It is the largest city in the state, with 12 development blocks, eight tehsils, and seven sub-tehsils. From 1451 to 1526 A.D., Delhi was controlled by the Lodhi dynasty. According to mythology, Sikander Lodhi sent Yusaf Khan and Nihand Khan, two of Delhi's most important chiefs, to this area to bring order. The location of the current city of Ludhiana, which at the time was merely a village known as Mir Hota, was where these guys had set up camp.

Yusaf Khan crossed the Sutlej in the Jalandhar Doad to check on Khokhars, who had established a village in Sultanpur, while Nihand Khan had remained behind and founded the current city where Mir Hota village had been. Lodhi-ana was the original name of the new town that was built here. The name was then changed to the current Ludhiana.

A trip to Ludhiana can be planned at any time, or you can plan as mentioned in our Ludhiana Tour Guide. The city is accessible all year long. However, if you intend to travel during the winter, make sure you pack enough warm clothing because the winters in this region are quite chilly. The temperature can even dip to zero degrees. During this year, it would be much easier and more comfortable to explore every part of this city without the sun bothering you.

Talking about places to visit in Ludhiana, the state has a lot of interesting and ancient places to explore, some of which are mentioned in this Ludhiana travel guide. Sikander Lodhi constructed this Lodhi fort, which dates back 500 years, on the banks of the River Sutlej. Children are always fascinated by the beauty of this amazing tourist destination, which was renovated in the British era.

With more than 1600 varieties of roses and 17,000 plants, the Nehru Rose Garden is one of the best spots for a picnic. It is surrounded by numerous water fountains, which makes Ludhiana sightseeing worth visiting. Alamgir is really a Sikh pilgrimage because it draws a sizable number of Sikh worshippers each year.

Reaching Ludhiana is a relatively easy task, and every possible route is mentioned in our Ludhiana travel guide. The closest airport to the city is Ludhiana Airport (LUH), where only Air India Regional services can land aircraft from Delhi. As a result, in order to travel by air to Ludhiana, people from all over the nation must pass through Delhi. However, a backup option allows you to fly from any Indian city to Chandigarh International Airport and then continue to Ludhiana by bus or taxi.

The railway system in Ludhiana is quite reliable, with almost every city having a train that travels there. You can choose from the Jammu Tawi, Utkal Express, Frontier Mail, Howrah Mail, and Shatabdi Express among the fast trains. To get to your destination from the station, consider hiring a taxi or using another type of public transportation.

Let's begin our culinary journey with some regional specialties. Tandoori cuisine is well-known in Ludhiana. You may obtain all different sorts of tandoori specialties in this place, whether you want to fish, chicken, naans, rotis, or marinated meat. Murg Makhani is another meal that is made with a lot of butter and only pure ghee. This meal is suitable for pairing with Rotis, Paranthas, or Naans. 

Makke Ki Roti, Sarson Ka Saag, fresh curd, Lassi, and white butter on bread made from maize flour are a few of the traditional dishes people in Ludhiana enjoy eating. Here, rice is regarded as festive food, and people typically eat it with Rajma and Ma Ki Dal. They enjoy eating onions as a salad with their meals. To get the true flavor of Ludhiana, you should also eat Rao Ki Kheer. It is a sweet dish made with rice and sugarcane juice.

In the state of Punjab, the town of Ludhiana is a prime example of the cultural revelry of the Punjabi population. In addition to its well-known people culture, the city charms every tourist with its exquisitely crafted handicrafts and captivating fashion design. A visit to the multifaceted, bustling city of Ludhiana with our Ludhiana travel guide provides visitors with various cultural, educational, historical, and commercial experiences. 

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