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Malkangiri Tour & Travel Guide

A tribal village with rich heritage, culture, and history, Malkangiri is a beautiful offbeat destination to explore the rich diversity of India. The rich and varied landscape includes lush forests, ancient temples, enchanting waterfalls, and pristine lakes. For people who want to get a glimpse into cultures of India and want to delve deeper into tribes and tribal traditions, Malkangiri is a great destination in this regard. The tribes of the region are still so rooted to their traditions but have adapted to modern ways like education, healthcare, and infrastructure in a seamless manner. The tribal festivals are quite colorful and full of life giving insights into the day to day life of the people belonging to this place. There are various temples, waterfalls, and picnic spots highlighting the ancient architecture and nature’s bliss. The old world charm is still intact in this small town and you can spend time exploring this hidden jewel of Odisha.

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Top Sites

Malkangiri Fort, Malkangiri Museum, Malkangiri Park, Daringbadi Hot Springs, Udaygiri Caves

April to June

20°C to 26°C

July to Sep

20°C to 24°C

Oct to Feb

15°C to 22°C

An Insight into Malkangiri Tourism

Explore the Unique Culture, History and Character of This Tribal Village

Malkangiri is small sized town in Southern Orissa, India. This is an interesting place to visit, owing to the uniqueness of its culture, history and character of the place. Mostly people here are tribes, who have accommodated to the modern necessities of life such as clothing, medicine, education etc., yet are deep rooted to their culture and heritage. Their day to day life and festivals also reflect the colorful & cheerful side of their tribal way of living. Anyone who has an inclination to learn about differ cultures of India, should spend some time here with the locals. Places such as Borra Caves, Araku Valley and place blessed with nature’s bounties attract tourist and one will surly create a bunch of memories to rejoice forever.

Malkangiri has a very long standing history, which is traced to prehistoric time. The culture landscape and the lifestyle of people illustrate the age old history. Known as Malyavantagiri in the past, this place has mentions in a number of famous manuscripts and mythological works like Ramayana. A believe prevails that Ramayana was composed here on the banks of river Tamasa. There is a place Sitakund nearby, and it is believed that goddess Sita took bath here sometime during exile. Places here are believed to have given shelter to Pandavas of Mahabharata during their last year of exile.

The festivals & religious ceremonies here are based on these historical beliefs. Interestingly, the Koya Tribes of Malkangiri still worship a sword that belonged to one of the five Pandava brothers

Malkangiri is blessed with rich and varied landscape with dense forest, waterfalls, temples, lakes, and picnic spots. It is a perfect weekend gateway for people staying nearby and an exotic vacation destination for others. Some of the places worth seeing here at Malkangiri are Bonda hills where the famous primitive Bonda tribes inhabit; Balimela is famous for hydroelectric projects and has a huge dam with sprawling green zone; Ammakunda - A narrow waterfall subsequently forming a gorge; Motu, the confluence of rivers Sileru and Sabari, where the different color of the two rivers clearly visible here at the confluence. It also has a very famous Jagannath temple and a beautiful picnic spot; Satiguda Dam with boating facilities in the reservoir, a cave of Lord Shiva and beautiful landscape make this palace a wonderful spots for day outing; last but not the least is Manyamkonda, which is believed to be the place visited by Lord Mahaprabhu.

Malkangiri is a fast developing region of Odisha. Though most of the areas are inhabited and looked after by tribes, but still one can manage to find decent stay options.

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