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Minicoy Tour & Travel Guide

Minicoy, also known as Maliku in the local tongue, is one of the 36 tiny islets that make up the Lakshadweep group of Islands. It is considered one of India's best places to visit. Only 398 kilometers, or 215 nautical miles, from the coast of Cochin, it is situated in the middle of Arabian Sea. The tiny island is renowned for its bright coral reefs, charming white-sand beaches, and the freshwater of the endless ocean.

Winter and the beginning of summer are some of the most unforgettable times for visitors as the weather is perfect. There is much to discover and explore on this beautiful Island, for the Municoy travel guide has all the detailed information.



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Lighthouse, Juma Masjid,  Agatti Islands, Go for Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep

April to June

27° C to 32° C

July to Sep

22° C to 31° C

Oct to Feb

20° C to 32° C

An Insight into Minicoy Tourism

Mahiladu, which roughly translates to "women's island," was the location's previous name.

Arab traders used the term Jazirat al-Maliku, from which the island got its name. Long ago, the natives moved in. It is rumored that a British official used to wander around this area. Talking about the culture of Minicoy, the lava dance, which is performed on special occasions, is one of Minicoy's most well-known dance traditions. A factory cans tuna, indicating the region's significance for boat construction and tuna fishing. Tourists can stay in privately run cottages constructed on the remote beaches.

Minicoy experiences a tropical savanna climate with warm temperatures all year long. The winter months are the best time to explore this island. Consequently, September through May are the most favorable months. The island offers incredible views and pleasant weather throughout the winter months, particularly in November, the island offers stunning views and nice weather. To enjoy the best of Minicoy Island, you should plan your trip as mentioned in our Minicoy travel guide. 

There are many Minicoy tourist attractions which should not be missed. The Arabian Sea's sparkling white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters are the Minicoy Islands' most distinguishing features. The palm and coconut trees that cover the entire island contribute to the area's natural beauty.

The island's main draw is the old lighthouse, constructed by the British in 1885 and provides a breathtaking view of Minicoy and the vast ocean. It is one of Lakshadweep's older lighthouses, so it exudes a certain character. The lighthouse, which rises to an impressive height of about 160–170 feet, has long been a popular place to see on Minicoy Island.

Numerous ruins mimic underwater museums due to large fishes feasting on the wreck's debris. The S.S. Hoechst and two other ships went down in the seas off Minicoy, 8 meters from the island reef. It is rumored that these shipwrecks led the Britishers to begin construction on the lighthouse in 1885. In general, Lakshadweep is a great place to discover the pure glory of nature. Scuba diving is another excellent way to have a good time while on your trip and enjoy the Minicoy sightseeing view. 

You can choose various transportation methods from Cochin to get to the Lakshadweep islands. Below is a summary of the best options listed in our Minicoy travel guide. That you can take into consideration while planning your trip. The Agatti airport, which regularly gets flights from Kochi airport, is the closest airport to Minicoy Island.

The only way to get to Agatti Airport from major cities is through Kochi Airport; there are no direct flights from major towns to Agatti Airport. The price of a ticket between Ernakulam and Agatti begins at INR 5,000- 10,000. About nonstop and connecting aircraft, Kochi Airport is well connected to other places like Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, and Chandigarh. 

This incredible site offers a breathtaking view encircled by the islands' azure waters. Minicoy is well known for being an important location for the fishing and canning of tuna and its vibrant boats, incredible fish of all kinds, coconut palms, shade, and colors. Visiting Minicoy Island is not about seeing the tourist attractions. Instead, it is about seeking out splendor in its untainted and tranquil form, for which the island has not yet been ruined by commercialization. For the finest experience, stay at one of the luxurious coastal resorts and enjoy the splendor of the turquoise sea and beaches. Only with our Minicoy travel guide. 

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