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Kadmat Tour & Travel Guide

Kadmat Island, a total length of 9.3 km, is a part of the Lakshadweep archipelago's Amindivi Subgroup. With its gorgeous coral island, sun-kissed beaches, azure lagoon, and colorful coral reefs, Kadmat tourism greets Indian and foreign visitors with open arms. On this island, Kadmat is the only hamlet with a population and is a well-liked location for sea turtle rearing. Kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving are available on Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep. 

This Kadmat travel guide contains some crucial information and detailed information on Kadmat Island's sights, activities, and food. If you want to visit and take in this breathtakingly gorgeous and peaceful island our travel guide has all the relevant information you will need.



Top Sites

Kadmat Beach, Water Sports and Fishing, Golden Jubilee Museum.

April to June

27° C to 32° C

July to Sep

22° C to 31° C

Oct to Feb

20° C to 32° C

An Insight into Kadmat Tourism

Kadmat island is not mentioned in any notable historical accounts.

It is said that the Lakshadweep archipelago's islands have been deserted for a very long time. Kadmat is one of the islands where people have begun settling since Lakshadweep was a Union Territory following India's independence. Later, the entire Lakshadweep region became a popular honeymoon location due to its development as a tourist destination. On the west side of Kadmat island, there is a lagoon that is about 2 km wide at its widest point. 

Many water activities can be enjoyed in this lagoon safely. This location is a haven for nature enthusiasts thanks to the expansive sandy beaches and tourist huts that line the shore. The Ministry of Environment and Forests has designated the island as a marine protected region. According to this formal notification, Kadmat Island's natural resources, including its plants and animals, have an entitlement to preservation.

There are many places to see in Kadmat and around, some of which are listed in the Kadmat travel guide. Kadmat Beach is a 100-meter stretch of sparkling white beach and azure-blue lagoon. People appreciate the picturesque sunset views from one of Kadmat Island's most breathtaking beaches, Lakshadweep. Here, visitors unwind, unwind, and chill out.

If you love adventure, check out some thrilling water sports at Kadmat Island. One can explore the varied marine life in this area while swimming and deep-sea diving on the colorful coral reefs. Scuba diving and snorkeling are very popular among tourists on Kadmat Island. This island is home to some of Lakshadweep's top diving locations. In these location as you can enjoy the finest snorkelling and scuba diving experiences while being guided by a qualified diver.

The exhibits to see are wooden chests, ancient jars, miniature coy sailboats, and gold coins gathered from the island's shores. According to the locals, the antique artifacts belonged to the earliest travelers. Any visit to Kadmat Island is incomplete if you don't go fishing while there. Diverse species inhabit the area, including sharks, bonefish, snappers, stonefish, and tuna. You can go fishing at the beach or out at sea by renting a boat.

All the possible modes of transportation to Kadmat are in our Kadmat travel guide so you can plan effortlessly. The closest airport to the island is Agatti Airport, which is connected to Cochin International Airport on the Indian mainland. As a result, to get to Kadmat Island, you must disembark at Cochin International Airport (COK) and then take a different aircraft to Agatti Airport. The Cochin International Airport was the first airport to be built using a public-private partnership concept. There is excellent flight connectivity from major Indian cities, which allows several illustrious carriers to travel frequently. 

There are no other restaurants like that on this island. But you can enjoy a variety of seafood and Indian cuisine at the resort's on-site eating establishment. 

One of the stunning islands in the Lakshadweep region is Kadmat Island. You can take pleasure in the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. The peaceful natural surroundings are comforted by the beaches' sparkling white sand. From Kadmat beach, you can see the finest sunrise and sunset. The island is stunning, and you will immediately fall in love with the ocean's crystal-clear blue seas. Get engaged in various adventurous pursuits and enjoy amazing Kadmat sightseeing spots on this beautiful island with a Kadmat travel guide.  Most honeymooners and newlyweds favor this island. 

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