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Bangaram Tour & Travel Guide

Close to Agatti and Kavaratti is the tiny island of Bangaram, which has the form of a teardrop. The island's tourist resort offers a wonderful opportunity for visitors to unwind and escape the pressuresof modern life. Along side Thinnakara and Parali, two smaller islets, Bangaram is enclosed by the same lagoon.

Due to its isolation, serenity, and beautiful beaches lined with swaying coconut palms, the island is mostly visited by tourists from outside India and couples planning their honeymoon in Lakshadweep. It's the kind of island where you can lounge around all day, taking in nature's majesty. This beautiful Island has a lot of hidden treasures and beauty. Let's take a digital tour of it with a Bangaram travel guide.



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Agatti Island, Minicoy Island, Canoeing, Snorkelling, Night cruise, Scuba Diving

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An Insight into Bangaram Tourism

Bangaram is a beautiful island in Lakshadweep, known for its deserted surroundings and breathtaking beauty.

It features a small lagoon enclosed by a coral reef. It has been named one of the top global gateways. Visitors are enchanted by the perfect combination of the sun, sand, and surf, providing absolute seclusion, unpolluted comfort, and rystal-clear water. The blue lagoon and shimmering coral reef have a magical effect on those seeking tranquility and a connection with nature. The Bangaram tour guide offers detailed information about this beautiful setting, which will blow your mind.

There are many places to visit in Bangaram which are worth seeing, as highlighted in our Bangaram travel guide. Agatti Island, located a short distance from Bangaram,  is renowned for its captivating beauty. Visit this location to experience breathtaking sunrises and sunsets while strolling along the golden beaches. You can also start your Bangaram sightseeing tour from this Island. It helps you appreciate some quiet but wonderful moments of your life while taking you far away from the hectic city life.

While taking in the relaxed pace of life on Bangaram Island, test your canoeing talents. The island is also less crowded than other locations, giving you the time to enjoy every second of doing what you adore. Also, beginners and professionals can practice snorkeling thanks to the comprehensive setup. The municipal government has organized everything. This is a great chance to discover for all the adventure seekers. Taking a night cruise with your loved ones is another excellent plan to spend quality time together while you are exploring Bangaram Island. Water sports are popular on Bangaram Island, thanks to its stunningly blue seas and abundant marine life.

All the possible travel modes to Bangaram are listed in our Bangaram travel guide so that you can plan effortlessly. The nearest airport, Agatti Airport (AGX), is approx 16 kilometers distant from Bangaram Island. It was constructed between 1987 and 1988, and on April 16, 1988, it began operations.

Kochi Airport, also known as Cochin International Airport, this airport is linked (COK). With millions of people passing through it each year, it is regarded as one of Kerala's busiest and biggest airports. You'll need to charter boats or ships to get to the island after disembarking at Agatti Airport, which takes about two to four hours. 

Lakshadweep's Bangaram Island and other islands are all easily accessible by water. From Agatti Island, a canoe ride to Bangaram Island will take about two hours. Another practical way to get to Bangaram Island by boat and transport is via Kochi. Cochin and the Lakshadweep islands are connected by passenger ships like the MV Kavaratti, MV Arabian Sea, MV Corals, MV Amindivi, and MV Minicoy.

Spend time immersing your soul in the enchanted, crystal-clear water, marveling at the breathtaking display of sparkling coral reefs, and allowing the blue lagoon to hypnotize you forever. You might feel like strolling along its verdant pathways while taking in the tranquil surroundings and the sounds of nature's music, such as birds and waves crashing overhead. However, Bangaram Island offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, kayaking, and more. Come and explore all of it with our Bangaram travel guide.

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