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Dhanbad Tour & Travel Guide

Dhanbad, one of the most populated cities in Jharkhand, is commonly referred to as the coal capital of India. The renowned Indian Institute of Technology, one of the most well-known universities in the world, is also located in Dhanbad.

Dhanbad tourism is a conglomeration of both natural and man-made attractions in addition to being a commercial centre. Several religious institutions in Dhanbad, including the Shakti Mandir, are famous for their distinctive artefacts. With the help of our Dhanbad travel guide, get a glimpse of this commercial city of Jharkhand. 


1.60 millions

Top Sites

Bhatinda Falls, Maithon Dam, Topchanchi Lake, Birsa Munda Park, Panchet Dam, Shakti Mandir.

April to June

20° to 39°C

July to Sep

25° to 31°C

Oct to Feb

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An Insight into Dhanbad Tourism

Dhanbad provides a wonderful experience to visitors.

Although the city is heavily industrialized, several natural sites still adorn the landscape. Nonetheless, Dhanbad's coal mines are its main attraction. You may monitor the various mining procedures and the miners at work. Holi, Diwali, Guru Purnima, and, notably, the Jagannath Temple's Rath Yatra are all excellent occasions to see Dhanbad in all its tribal splendour. Folk music like Thumar, Phaguwa, and Daidhara, as well as tribal dance styles like Chhau, Ghatwari, Natua, and Choukara, can be seen in colourful performances.

There are many tourist attractions around Dhanbad, and some of them are mentioned in this Dhanbad travel guide. Recognized for its recreational activities At Dhanbad, Birsa Munda Park is unique. Topchanchi Lake is a well-known picnic location and natural landmark in Dhanbad. Due to its charming, tranquil beauty, Topchanchi Lake is well-liked by tourists and other visitors. The Parasnath Hills' slopes were excavated in 1915 to create this artificial lake. Earlier, this lake served as the region of Jharia's primary water supply.

One of the best places to visit in Dhanbad is Maithon Lake, a lovely place for a picnic. It is well recognized as a wonderful tourist destination where visitors may unwind in the natural surroundings while enjoying boating and fishing. This lake offers guests the opportunity to boat and fish. Deer Park and a Bird Sanctuary are also accessible nearby and make excellent excursions for animal lovers.

The Waterfall of Moonidih, also known as Bhatinda Falls, is renowned for its captivating natural beauty. Its waterfall's scenic magnificence is a major magnet that attracts many tourists and visitors all year. Also, the location is ideal for picnics because of the surrounding greenery, which enhances its charm and makes it the perfect spot to enjoy Dhanbad sightseeing. Its waterfall's revitalizing water gives tired minds and souls a boost of natural vigour. One of the popular places for picnics in Dhanbad is Panchet Dam.

This part of the Dhanbad travel guide lists every mode of transportation that could be used to get to Dhanbad. There are roughly 17 flights that take off and land each day at Birsa Munda Airport. The most well-known airline companies with regular service to this airport are IndiGo and Air India. By car, Dhanbad is bordered by Chas, Dishergarh, and Giridih, each of which is 19.07 kilometres, 26.64 kilometres, and 28.85 kilometres distant. These locations are excellent for helping people plan their quick weekend getaways.

A typical meal in any Dhanbad home is rice, daal, phulka or roti (chapati), and green vegetables with achaar (pickle). Litti & chokha, mitha khaja, til barfi, pittha, singara (samosa), and other traditional Jharkhand delicacies are enjoyed by people in Dhanbad. In Dhanbad, beef, fish, and spicy chicken are all foods for non-veg lovers. But Dhanbad is a cosmopolitan town where people of all ages enjoy chola bhatura as much as panipuri and Chinese noodles! Like litti-chokha, sambar-vada, idly, and dosa are consumed with great affection. So, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Dhanbad's food knows no regional or geographic limits. 

Aloo Chokha, Dhuska, Anarsa, Nimki, Pittha, Rugda, and Dhubni Roti are a few additional well-known regional specialities. The cuisine of Dhanbad has a different taste and flavour, and the non-vegetarian food is extremely delicious and typically includes spicy chicken, mutton, and fish which are a must-try. However, a sizable portion of the population in this city is crazy for this type of non-vegetarian meal.

Several interesting tourist attractions can be found across the city of Dhanbad. The sites showcase the region's natural beauty and some of humankind's technological achievements. Due to the abundance of temples nearby, Dhanbad is also highly revered by the Hindu community in India. There are several well-known and stunning dams in Dhanbad. This thorough Dhanbad travel guide will provide you with a wealth of new knowledge if you plan a trip there. 

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