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Naroli Tour & Travel Guide

Naroli is an Indian city situated in the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. It is about 637 miles (1,026 kilometers) southwest of New Delhi, the nation's capital. The closest town to Naroli hamlet for all significant economic activity is Dadra & Nagar Haveli. It comprises 72 villages inhabited by various tribal communities like the Warly, Kokana, Dhodia, Koli, Kathodi, Naika, Dubla, and Kolgha.

Each community has its own culture, traditions, languages, and dialects. The district is less than 500 km sq, covered with tall trees and pristine rivers. Fascinating customs, dances, and rituals accompany the hospitable and kind native local tribal people. 



Top Sites

Vasona Lion Safari, Vanganga Lake Garden, The Lion Safari Wildlife Park

April to June

32°C to 42°C

July to Sep

34°C to 35°C

Oct to Feb

15°C to 28°C

An Insight into Naroli Tourism

Naroli is a key industrial and commercial hub in the southern region, attracting significant tourism.

While it may not be widely known, Naroli plays a significant role in the regional economy and infrastructure of the state. The city is characterized by its industrial estates and manufacturing units, which contribute to the growth of the local economy. Industries such as textiles, plastics, engineering, and packaging are prevalent in Naroli. These industries provide employment opportunities and contribute to the region's overall development. 

While Naroli may be considered a relatively small city compared to major urban centers in India, it plays a vital role in the region's economic landscape. It is a testament to the diverse industrial and commercial activities contributing to the growth and development of the Union Territory of Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman, and Diu.

The climate of Naroli is mild, with pleasant temperatures all year round. April is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 36.38°C (97.48°F). The summer months see a lot of rain, and the winter months are once more arid. 48.41mm (1.91in) of precipitation falls on average per year. January and December are warm winter months in Naroli, with an average temperature ranging between 19.8°C (67.6°F) and 29.5°C (85.1°F). Naroli Travel guide has everything in detail to help you plan your trip.

There are a few nearby tourist attractions in Naroli that visitors can explore while in the region. One of them is the Dudhni Lake which is located approximately 20 kilometers from Naroli. Dudhni Lake is a serene and picturesque spot. It is surrounded by lush greenery and offers boating and water sports activities, making it a popular destination amongst adventure enthusiasts or serenity seekers.

Another attraction and thing to see in Naroli are the Hirwa Van Garden, a vast garden with extensive greenery and abundant trees. The garden provides a serene atmosphere for visitors to relax and spend time with nature.

It also houses a mini zoo, a musical fountain, and an amusement park for children. The Lion Safari Wildlife Park, located in Vasona is a short drive away from Naroli. It offers visitors the opportunity to observe lions in their natural habitat. 

The park also houses other animals, such as deer, crocodiles, and various bird species, providing a unique wildlife experience. Around 40 kilometers from Naroli, Madhuban Dam is a popular spot for picnics and day trips. The dam offers a scenic view of the surrounding hills and valleys, and visitors can enjoy boating or relaxing by the serene waters, giving you the perfect spot to enjoy Naroli sightseeing.

To reach Naroli city, several transportation options are available in our Naroli Travel guide. You can reach Naroli by train from any part of the country. The nearest railway station is Vapi Railway Station, which is approximately 18 km away from Naroli.  You can also reach Naroli by bus. Several bus services are available from nearby cities like Silvassa, Vapi, and Daman. You can drive to Naroli by car. Several car rental services are available in nearby towns like Vapi and Silvassa. The nearest airport to Naroli is Surat Airport, approximately 120 km away. Other nearby airports include Mumbai Airport and Ahmedabad Airport. 

Naroli's role as an industrial and commercial hub in the region highlights its importance in the overall economic landscape. While it may not boast prominent tourist attractions, the city offers a glimpse into the industrial and manufacturing sectors that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Union Territory. Naroli showcases the region's dynamic spirit and economic significance, while nearby attractions provide opportunities for recreational activities and exploration. Whether visiting for business or seeking a peaceful nature retreat, Naroli and its surrounding areas offer a blend of industrial prowess and natural beauty to be discovered. We hope you have gained a lot of information from ourNaroli Travel guide. 

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