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Kauncha Tour & Travel Guide

Kauncha, a tiny tribal village, is located amidst the Western Ghats' stunning natural scenery and wide biological variety. Kauncha in Dadra and Nagar Haveli is only 40 kilometers from Silvassa and has extensive greenery and forested areas. The Madhuban Dam on the Daman Ganga River is next to the hamlet, tucked away among a few tiny green hillocks. 

Women typically carry baskets with them that are packed with various fruits and veggies. This city will amaze you with many more exciting features and aspects. Let's take a digital tour of Kauncha with a Kauncha travel guide.



Top Sites

Vanganga Lake, Roman Catholic Church, Madhuban Dam, Tribal Cultural Museum, Vasona Lion Safari 

April to June

32°C to 42°C

July to Sep

34°C to 35°C

Oct to Feb

15°C to 28°C

An Insight into Kauncha Tourism

The perfect destination for those who enjoy nature is Kauncha.

The dense forests, magnificent mountain ranges, and vast valleys of Kauncha will enthrall you. Still, you will also resent the locals for leading such a simple and hardscrabble existence amid a bounty of natural beauty. Adventure seekers can blast canoeing, skiing, and other water sports here. For those who enjoy hiking, this is an opportunity to hike, camp, and view the sky from above. The "Kokna move celebration," during which you can even participate in this foot-tapping move with locals, is the ideal time to explore Kauncha tourism.

There are many places to see in Kauncha, some of which are given in this guide. A tiny botanical garden is located in Kauncha right next to the dam, adding to the scenic scenery. From here, you can enjoy Kauncha sightseeing. There is a hiking trail throughout this forest where volunteers from the tourist department conduct guided treks through stunning scenery and birdlife. There is a tiny tribe museum that showcases everyday objects and artifacts used by the tribals. 

Visitors can tour the Karchod Cashew Processing Unit and participate in various tasks like boiling, peeling, cutting, and scoring fresh cashew nuts. There are a few significant mango plantations in Kauncha which you can also visit. Jet skis, rowing boats, kayaks, and canoes are water sports activities accessible here. 

Sunsets over the Madhuban Dam are a must-see, and leisurely boat excursions are available there. The tourism division has provided visitors with kiosks for herbal massage and medication.

All the possible modes of transportation to Kauncha are listed in our Kauncha travel guide so you can have a planned trip. A road trip in a personal vehicle is the best way to get there. Except for a few lousy road patches, the journey from Silvassa is incredible. The winding road along the Western Ghats offers a fantastic viewpoint because it is lined with trees. The tourism department's ferry service spans Dudhni Lake and transports passengers to Kauncha. 

Let's move to the other section of our Kauncha travel guide, the cuisine. Traditional dishes are available, and food enthusiasts can watch local women prepare these dishes in a native manner. Rotis made from Nachani (finger millet) and Varai (little millet) are popular street foods. 

A hot stew often accompanies rice meals. The dish is served with newly made powder and chutneys from local vegetables, chilies, and black gram. Small huts are being built within forest areas for tourists to relax and appreciate these delicacies.

The tiny hamlet of Kauncha is distributed along River Daman Ganga's banks on the southern outskirts of Silvassa. The town is a peaceful area dotted with charming tile-roofed cottages. It is encircled by the Western Ghats' magnificent mountain ranges, lush forests, and emerald valleys. It also attracts adventure seekers from all over the nation, especially for its hiking routes. A tent can be set up on the Madhuban Dam's shore, where one can spend the night gazing at the starry sky. You can enjoy a lot in Kauncha’s serene environment, and the Kauncha travel guide has all the necessary information for you.

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