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Tezpur Tour & Travel Guide

Among the most attractive cities in North East India, Tezpur has perfectly blended the panoramic beauty of nature with the hard rock jungle of humans. As a part of the northeastern Assam, On the banks of the River Brahmaputra, there lies a city called Tezpur that is rapidly expanding.

Due to its reputation as the "cultural capital of Assam," Tezpur is a popular tourist destination. Because of its stunning parks, gardens, hillocks, and first-rate lodgings, Tezpur tourism has experienced significant growth. The city is renowned for its rich cultural legacy and is regarded as the centre and source of Assamese culture. Let’s move further and explore more about Tezpur with the Tezpur travel guide.



Top Sites

Mahabhairab Temple,  Agnigarh Hill, Bamuni Hills, Chitralekha Udyan, Kalia Bhomora Setu, Bhairabi Temple

April to June

29°c to 40°c

July to Sep

19°c to 28°c

Oct to Feb

5°c to 15°c

An Insight into Tezpur Tourism

Tezpur, Assam's cultural center, is situated along the banks of the Brahmaputra River.

Tezpur is cited as Assam's cleanest city. Thanks to its stunning surroundings and vast tea gardens, Tezpur is regarded as one of Assam's most beautiful tourist destinations. This location's cleanliness and flora are exceptional. This tourist place near Tezpur is renowned for its extensive cultural legacy and is considered the center of Assamese culture.

Tezpur, one of the oldest cities in Assam, is a historical enthusiast's dream. Not only that, but due to the historical ruins, that go back to the fourth century, history buffs also regard this location as their ideal vacation spot. Some well-known historical sites in Tezpur include Bamuni Hills, Agnigarh, and Da Parbatia. In addition, Tezpur's District Museum, Mahabhairab Temple, and Chitralekha Udyan are some additional must-see top attractions in Tezpur.

In contrast to most of Assam's tourist destinations, Tezpur experiences a pleasant summer from March to June. The summer season is a great time to visit Tezpur because the city sees a significant increase in tourist flow. In contrast, during the monsoon, the city is continuously soaked by rain. The winter season begins in November, with warm and dry weather, making it the ideal time to visit Tezpur.

Atop a tiny hill next to the Brahmaputra River is another popular tourist destination called Agnigarh. The top is reached through a circular staircase. The area has some fantastic hiking opportunities. The hilltop, a popular tourist destination, provides excellent views of the area.

The Hazara Pukhuri is a vast body of water covering 70 acres (280,000 sqm). The well-known king of the Ahom Dynasty, Harjjar Varma, constructed the tank.

The Bamuni Hills' ruins are renowned for their artistic splendour. Historical researchers and art enthusiasts worldwide visit this site because of the structural remnants that date to the ninth and tenth centuries. One of the most attractive sites in the city is Chitralekha Park.

One of the most sacred Hindu sites in northeast India is Ketakeshwar Dewal. One of the largest Shiva lingams in the world is housed in the temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiva. One of Assam's most important pilgrimage sites is the temple. The Bhomoraguri bridge connects Tezpur and the Nagaon district. Ahom General Kalia Bhomora Phukan originally intended to build this bridge and left a significant stone inscription here.

Traveling to distinct places has been very easy; the same goes for Tezpur. Tezpur depends on its roads. There are two ways to get to Tezpur from Guwahati. One travels 166 kilometers on National Highway 52 via Nagaon, while the other travels 166 kilometers on National Highway 37 via Mangaldai and Udalbari (185 kilometers).

Daytime and nighttime buses are running on both routes. The city's rail system could be better connected. Only Rangapara (24 kilometers away) and Rangiya are served by trains from Tezpur (150 kilometers away). There are better ways to go to this stunning city than trains. However, visitors can take a bus to Tezpur and a rail to Guwahati, which is 166 kilometers distant.

Getting ahead to the delicious section of this Tezpur travel guide. The largest city in Northeast India and located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Guwahati, is approximately 175 kilometers from Tezpur, a town in the Sontipur district of Assam, India. The tea plantations, forests, and national parks that are so well known in Tezpur are what draw tourists there. The most well-known meal in most Assam is called Khar, created from the banana plant's trunk and peel. Anything grilled or roasted is called pura, whether vegetarian or not. A side dish called pitika is made of mashed potatoes, mustard oil, raw onions, and green chilies

Tezpur is a fantastic vacation spot that offers the ideal blend of everything you want on vacation. There are a few more tourist attractions in and near Tezpur to keep your spirits high. Tezpur makes for excellent company whether you visit the city's various tourist attractions or unwind—one of North East India's most beautiful towns in Tezpur.

The concrete jungle of man and the picturesque splendor of nature blend exquisitely at Tezpur. A city growing on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in Assam is called Tezpur. As the "economic hub" of Assam, the City of Tezpur is a well-liked travel destination. 

To be well-prepared and fully enjoy your trip, the Tezpur Travel Guide provides all the information about well-known locations, popular travel destinations, cuisine, and other essential Tezpur-related travel necessities.

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