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Pasighat Tour & Travel Guide

Pasighat is known for its stunning views of the natural world and is also referred to as A "photographer's joy,". This town is made even more beautiful by the magnificent Brahmaputra river that runs through it. This highland town offers a tonne of adventure as well. This place is a must-see since it provides a unique combination of peace and adventure.

To facilitate administrative convenience for the larger Abor Hills and the north region in general, the British constructed Pasighat in 1911 AD. In the villages near and around Pasighat, there were mostly settlements of Pasi and Minyong communities.

However, because commercial tourism hasn't yet reached this area, its natural beauty and unique culture remain, and it still exudes charm. Here are all the important details covered in this Pasighat travel guide, along with Pasighat tourism, if you're arranging an exciting trip to this natural marvel.



Top Sites

Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Pangin, Kekar Monying, Rafting in Pasighat

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30°C to 18°C

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An Insight into Pasighat Tourism

The state's beautiful valley, where Pasighat, the first of Heritage Tribes', is situated. The city is frequently called the "Gateway to Arunachal Pradesh."

With its breathtaking scenery and extensive cultural heritage, Pasighat draws visitors from all over the world. The town celebrated its divinity in the shape of a thriving culture and natural beauty as it marked its 100th anniversary in 2011 and continues to do so. Pasighat, surrounded by attractive hills, is proud of the lush green river valley along the Brahmaputra River's banks. 

The Siang River's hanging bridge draws the most visitors from North India each year. Pasighat, a hotspot for photographers, never fails to draw in adventure seekers and photo enthusiasts. Along with its ecstatic beauty, this tiny hill station by the Brahmaputra River offers a variety of adventure activities, including river rafting and kayaking, to satisfy even the most ardent adventurer.

Talking about the popular places to visit in Pasighat, one can't forget the picturesque "Siong River," which runs through the centre of Pasighat, adds to the city's allure and offers nature lovers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the peace or to go for Pasighat sightseeing. These include waking up to a sun-soaked morning filled with the melodic music of hundreds of colourful birds or a stroll along the river's edge. Every experience in Pasighat would bring something new and undoubtedly add an unforgettable memory to the traveller's holiday diary here. If you forget, this Pasighat travel guide will help with all the popular spots you can visit.

The "Siong River" is the venue for several adventure sports, including white water rafting, kayaking, angling, and fishing. Thus anyone looking for an unrivalled adventurous experience in Pasighat is guaranteed to have a thrilling time. Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, one of Pasighat's most well-known tourist attractions and home to an enormous variety of animals and birds, is hidden in the town's store for those who enjoy wildlife.

The small hill town of Pasighat is also connected by a fascinating history that dates back to the colonial era. The "Kekar Monying" hill cliff and the "Komsing" village nearby are some of the well-known tourist sightseeing spots in Pasighat. That still tells fascinating tales of a lengthy war once fought between the native tribes and the British Army.

The "Pasi" and "Minyong" tribes that live in this beautiful village are believed to be two of the oldest tribes in North East India, and they continue to practise their traditional practices with the utmost enthusiasm to this day. Due to these old practices, Pasighat is a famous cultural tourism destination.

It will likely lengthen the runway to accommodate freight planes. Additionally, Dibrugarh Airport is located 167 kilometres away and is the closest airport. Pasighat is located 35 kilometres from Murkong Selek, the closest railway station. You can use the bus or a pre-paid taxi service from here. National Highways 515 from Dibrugarh and 590 from Guwahati connect Pasighat to two significant Assam cities. National Highway 15, 515 connects Pasighat to the capital Itanagar.

Let's get to the most delicious section of this Pasighat travel guide. Pasighat offers a small selection of foods, primarily serving Chinese and Indian cuisine to its customers. The region's speciality food is a fairly simple preparation made with regional seasonings and contains rice, fish, meat, and veggies. The most well-known foods in the area are momos and thukpas, while other tribals typically eat pig and rat meat.

The area is made inviting and tranquil at the same time by all these attractions. After all, we are always at peace in the mountains. This thorough Pasighat travel guide is intended to assist you in organising your trip and allowing you to see the state like a local. Understand what to do, where to go, what to eat, which wildlife sanctuaries to visit, what adventure sports to do, about hill stations, and much more.

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