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Mayabunder Tour & Travel Guide

The stunning Mayabunder Island, which is 242 kilometers from Port Blair and around three hours from Rangat, is a fantastic location if you want a beach vacation. The Middle Andaman Island's northernmost island is home to a stunning mangrove creek, as well as pretty beaches and islands. 

Even though Mayabunder serves as the North and Middle Andaman territory's administrative center, the town is small and has nothing in the way of tourism amenities.  Make sure you are reading our Mayabunder travel guide till the end for more relevant information. 



Top Sites

The Karmatang Beach, Mangrove Creeks, Pokhadera Beach

April to June

25°C to 32°C

July to Sep

22°C to 35°C

Oct to Feb

17°C to 20°C

An Insight into Mayabunder Tourism

Exotic beaches are the main draw for travellers to Mayabunder.

They are among the area's most well-known attractions here. This Mayabunder tour guide has listed everything regarding the places that you need to know. Mayabunder, a well-known tourist destination, is located in the northern portion of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is recognized for its natural beauty and has exotic places to enjoy which are included in the Mayabunder Island sightseeing.Mangrove forests cover the beaches of Mayabunder, which enhance their appeal.

This town is reachable all year round because the climate is still ideal for exploring the town's numerous attractions. This location has many tourist attractions to offer. Any time of the year is a great time to see the town's actual attractions, which include Pokhadera Beach, Karmatang Beach, the Anmol Driftwood Museum, and the Forest Museum. With the help of the Mayabundur travel guide, plan your trip in the best weather and have a planned trip.

One of the most popular tourist places to see near Mayabunder Island is Karmatang Beach. This beach is surrounded by crystal-clear waters, contains a lot of coral reefs and a few tidal streams lined with mangroves, and acts as the main sea turtle nesting area.

Within Mayabunder is a distinctive Eco Village that was built particularly to promote tourism in the area. The location of this Eco Village is Ray Hill, which is around 20 minutes by boat from the neighborhood jetty. Numerous interesting activities are available here, including rock climbing, an elephant safari, fishing, wilderness hiking, and even a tiny library. Children will love this location, and guest accommodation options are available for overnight stays.  As a growing island, Mayabunder tourism is filled with a number of museums, including the Anmol Driftwood Museum.


This museum, which is run by a local private businessman, features an intriguing and distinctive collection of woodwork that may draw in a number of artists and craftsmen. When you search for photographs of tropical paradises on Google, these pristine waters, golden sand, and the setting sun often appear. The coconut trees are the most significant element that gives those images life. 

How you can reach Mayabunder Island is given here in our Mayabunder travel guide. Daily buses from Port Blair to Mayabunder travel over the Andaman Trunk Road through Baratang and Rangat. Early in the morning (around 4 am), the buses depart Port Blair. They run until 11 am. It takes nine to ten hard hours to get between the islands on boats and through some dense bush. A different, undoubtedly more comfortable choice is boarding a ferry from Port Blair's Phoenix Bay Jetty to Diglipur (via Mayabunder). Depending on the weather, the trip lasts between eight and nine

Mayabunder does have a few quiet restaurants that serve typical Indian dishes, however, it is undoubtedly not the Andaman Islands' gastronomic mecca. A wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables can be found in the main market, and there are also shops where customers may buy snacks and beverages. 

The island is in the Middle Andaman and boasts beautiful beaches and a great ocean view. It will appeal to tourists seeking an experience away from crowds and close to nature. The administrative center for the North and Middle Andaman Territory is located in the little town of Mayabunder, which has few tourist attractions. A little settlement in the northern part of Middle Andaman is a preferred spot for people looking for a thrilling experience and discovery. You can learn everything about Mayabunder as a tourist, and all the details are given in this Mayabunder travel guide.

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