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Havelock Island Tour & Travel Guide

To put it simply, Havelock is a paradise. It is a small island in the tropical Andaman Ocean that is nestled away from the people. Everyone can enjoy diving in the turquoise-colored, crystal-clear waters. Havelock tourism is unquestionably the most tourist-friendly island in the Andamans, and as a result, it receives the most visitors.

Even though it is one of Andaman’s busiest islands, it only receives a small portion of the tourists that throng other tropical vacation spots across the world. Count on our Havelock travel guide that will give you a brief tour of this beautiful island of India. 



Top Sites

Sitapur Beach, Radhanagar Beach, Vijay Nagar Beach, Elephant Beach, Kala Pathar Beach, Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach

April to June

25°C to 32°C

July to Sep

22°C to 35°C

Oct to Feb

17°C to 20°C

An Insight into Havelock Island Tourism

The Island of Havelock has the name of Maj Gen Sir Henry Havelock.

A well-known member of the British Army in the colonial era. Friendly people from the Indian subcontinent make up the majority of the island's population. Almost all of the settlers are Bengalis. Even though Havelock is the island that receives the most visitors, it has been spared the negative effects of mass tourism. The island is still charming and unspoiled.

Havelock Island is made up of Ritchie's Archipelago, a collection of small islands, which is located around 30 kilometers east of Great Andaman. Havelock Island is one of the few sites in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands where the government promotes tourism with an emphasis on eco-tourism. Beaches on Havelock Island are very well-known. The most scenic beach in Havelock is Radhanagar Beach, which Time voted the "Best Beach in Asia" in 2004. Two other beaches worth visiting are Elephant Beach and Vijaynagar Beach.

Since the island's climate is comfortable all year long, you can plan your trip anytime. If you want to go there during the busy tourist season and see all the activity, the best time to go is from November to March. If you want to avoid the crowds, schedule your trip for between June and September. Make sure you are following our Havelock island tour guide, for a well-planned and memorable trip. 

If you need to know more about the places to see in Havelock Island, make sure you are reading our whole travel guide, check out these best places if you're visiting this area. Radhanagar Beach, which is regarded as Asia's most beautiful beach, draws visitors from all over the world. Time Magazine has also recognized the beach as the best beach in India and the seventh most beautiful beach in the world. In order to experience the warmth of the white sand, sizzling coastlines, crystal blue ocean, and lush green forests, tourists go to the beach. 

Being one of the most breathtaking sights on Havelock Island, Kalapathar Beach has an undeniable allure that can enchant anyone. This location is a must-see since it is surrounded by dark-colored rocks, shimmering silver sand, and aqua-green water.

The Emerald Gecko is a fantastic resort. Although this resort is a bit pricey, it is well worth every penny because of its stunning location, breathtaking scenery, and abundant supply of gourmet food. This resort pampers visitors with exquisitely crafted bamboo bungalows that provide a comfortable setting to stay in. Luxurious accommodations can be found in a variety of bamboo lodges.

Elephant Beach is best known for snorkeling because of the stunning coral reefs that line the coastline and the quantity of unique aquatic life that will attract you to return time and time again. From Havelock Jetty, a boat or ferry brings passengers to Elephant Beach in about 40 minutes. Sea walking on the beach is an unparalleled, surreal experience, and the beach is praised for its beautiful coral reef structures. 

You can reach Havelock Island either by plane or waterways.  Let us learn more about the commuting options through our  Havelock travel guide. No roads or rail routes lead to Swaraj Dweep because it is encircled by water on all sides. One can board government-run ships to travel to the Haddo Wharf port in Port Blair from Chennai, Kolkata, and Visakhapatnam. 

For the convenience of its visitors from India and around the world, Havelock offers a variety of cuisines. There is nothing wrong with the delicious continental cuisine or the different dietary restrictions in Indian cuisine. And, lest we forget, many fish options are available everywhere! In particular, at some neighborhood cafes in the market, grilled fish is a must-have. 

Some hotel facilities allow guests to purchase bread to toast in their kitchens for less expensive meals. Try basic vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis, which are inexpensive meals made out of plain rice, veggies, dal (lentil soup), and meat and cost between INR 150 and INR 200 per plate.

The hustling and bustling of India's densely populated cities can be found rather close to paradise. Havelock Island, a tiny patch of land encircled by the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea with miles of unbroken coastline, is regarded as the crown jewel of India's Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Roving elephants frequently inhabit the island. Ensure you follow our  Havelock travel guide before planning your trip here. 

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