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Baratang Island Tour & Travel Guide

Famous for its stunning limestone caves and lush mangrove streams, Baratang is known for its natural beauty. There are many intriguing Mud Volcanoes and tidal swamp forests here. Between the Middle and South of Andaman, it is the country's first entry point to the north from the capital city. 

Due to the Baratang Island's remote location from the capital city of Port Blair and somewhat  lengthy journey,, this excursion is regarded as adventurous. Make sure you read our section of our Baratang travel guide till the end. Here, you'll learn more about Baratang Island tourism and the beauty it holds. 



Top Sites

Limestone Caves, Parrot Island, Mud Volcano, Baratang Lime Stone Cave Cab Package

April to June

25°C to 32°C

July to Sep

22°c to 35°c

Oct to Feb

17°c to 20°c

An Insight into Baratang Island Tourism

Ranchiwalas Island is another name for Baratang Island.

Mangroves, mud volcanoes (the only ones in India), and limestone caves are some of the island's best-known features. To explore them, you might need to get authorization from the Baratang Forest Department. Baratang Island, in contrast to Havelock Island, is mostly used as a center for natural sightseeing because it is less developed for urban tourism.

Unspoiled beaches, amazing bird-watching opportunities, a rustic way of life, thrilling mangrove boat rides, and an abundance of delectable real Indian cuisine await visitors who choose to stay here. If you enjoy exploring outdoors or watching wildlife, or both, you should include this island on your travel bucket list.

Tourists can visit Baratang any time because this place experiences pleasant weather all year long. Winter, however, is one of the greatest times of year to visit here. The summer months are favorable for tourists as well because of how easy it is to travel because of the dry weather. Summertime temperatures remain higher and are consistently ranging between 25°C to 32°C. Mornings and late evenings are perfectly delightful. You should also stop by the annual Beach Festival if you are on Baratang Island at this time of year. You can plan your trip with the help of our Bartang tour guide for a memorable and exciting trip.

There are many Baratang tourist attractions for visitors and each one of them is unique in its own. You’ll learn more about the same in our Baratang travel guide.Over many years, water with carbon dioxide dissolved has been eroding  the limestone, creating limestone caves. The limestone in these caverns has taken on some fascinating shapes throughout the years. When you visit this location, you could discover the lovely path that winds through mangrove trees or engage in outdoor activities like trekking. One of the most popular places to see in Baratang Island is the Mud Volcano

Parrot Island, which is located on the southern end of the Andaman Islands, is extremely breathtaking. With so many beaches, it has a year-round massive influx of tourists. You can have all different kinds of adventures on this island, whether you want to take a boat ride from the jetty or explore the alluring Mangrove woods.

A small island in the Andaman called Strait Island is located about 6 kilometers to the east of Baratang Island. This comma-shaped island is well known for having a significant population of deer and birds. This location needs to be your next vacation spot if you enjoy discovering vast forests and wildlife.

All the transportation details are mentioned here in our Baratang travel guide. Because it is so far from Port Blair, the government begins at 4 am at the STC Bus terminal. To go to Baratang Island, one can alternatively use a private vehicle or bus. Two phases make up this journey. The first section is between Port Blair and Jirkatang, then between Jirkatang and Baratang Island. In the absence of a private bus, you can arrive at the location that is indicated and be picked up from the hotels that are listed. 

Make sure you finish your breakfast at one of the roadside shops close to the check post before you depart from Jirkatang's and begin your convoy trip. For lunch, you can get Thalis and amazing food from the street sellers and little shacks close to the jetty. It is suggested that visitors who receive a free breakfast as part of their package pick up a packed breakfast from the hotel the night before. 

There are also great natural landmarks here, like caves. All of these explorations will increase your appreciation for nature and natural forces. This island is a wonderful getaway from the craziness of daily life and a perfect spot to unwind. This island provides a calm, relatively rural way of life that is affordable and a pleasure for your soul, away from the hectic city lifestyle. Plan your next journey to Baratang Island in light of this comprehensive Baratang travel guide.

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