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Tingri Tour & Travel Guide

Tingri is a small town belonging to the Tibet Autonomous Region that extends approximately one kilometre long and lies along the Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway. The place is continually serving as a gateway to the majestic Mount Everest and comprises abundant repair workshops, guest houses and also the restaurants. However, the sole reason for majority of the tourists’ visit here is the closeness of Tingri to the Tingri Plain as well as the Mount Everest National Park. But, one can unequivocally have a visit to the ancient Shekar Dorje Dzong that is considered to be the most enchanting thing situated just above the winsome town of Tingri. Not only this, but the town is also responsible for the highly beguiling views of the picturesque Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse, Mount Cho Oyu, and Mount Makalu. Tingri carries a historical relevance too it was a renowned trading town during the bygone era.

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Top Sites

Rongbuk Monastery, Everest Base Camp, Everest Viewpoint

April to June

15°C to 20°C

July to Sep

10°C to 15°C

Oct to Feb

-10°C to 0°C

An Insight into Tingri Tourism

Abode Of The Majestic Mountains!!

Tingri County/Dhringgri County belongs to Shigatse region in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It includes the Bum-chu or Arun River and Rongshar Tsangpo valleys and the Lapchi Gang Tsangpo that flow into Nepal. In the south, it is bordered by the Himalayan range including Mount Everest, Makalu and Cho Oyu. In Shelkar, the county administration is located. In the Friendship Highway in Tingri, a long strip of restaurants, guesthouses and truck-repair workshops are located and act as an overnight stop for tours and trekers. Tingri County has two towns. One is Shegar Town which is the seat of Tingri County. And another is Gangkar Town which is known as the “Old Tingri”. Apart from the two towns, Tingri County administrates 19 townships.

Tingri is an important trading post where goods are exchanged by Nepalis and Tibetans. The Tingri Plain is a broad upland basin which used to be home to many animals. The pass of Lakpa La has to be crossed in the north of the plain to reach the Tsangpo Valley. Tingri Lankor or Ding ri glang ‘khor which is Padampa’s (the person who re-established Buddhardharma in Tibet) Residence and was founded by the South Indian Buddhist adept, Padampa Sangye.

The Qomolangma National Reserve is comprised by Tingri along with Dinjie, Nyalam and Kyirong. Tingri Dzong is a place of religious importance. This place is on the way to travel to Mount Everest Base Camp. Nearby places of attraction are The Rongbuk Monastery, Kangbala Mountain, Mount Qowowuyag, Makalu Mountain, ZhuFeng MinZu FengQing Jie, Feilai Mountain, Zhangzi Peak, Menlongze Peak.

Tingri County is known for handmade arts and crafts, pottery, gold, silver and bamboo products. People of Tingri are also good at singing and dancing. They are responsible for creation of rich lyrics content in the study and transmission of ancient culture with various dance and unique songs and singing way.

Tingri is a place of importance for the travellers as it is where Mount Everest and other highest mountain peaks are located. These towering mountains showcase Tingri as a lovely and pictorial scenery of landscapes making it an excellent place for travelling, exploring and enjoying. Tingri’s culture has many beautiful historical stories and spiritual sagas which are clearly displayed in all its cities.

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