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Shigatse Travel Guide

A faultless amalgamation of the immensely scenic natural landscapes, is what defines the winsome city Shigatse. As the spot’s name suggests that means ‘the fertile land’, Shigatse is located on the meeting point of the Yarlung Tsangpo and Nyainchu River that is considered to be a plain land. Travelling to Shigatse is without any doubt not allowing any of you to leave this place empty-handed as it is going to fill up your vacations with a handful of memories. With the city commencing its geography with the vast plateau pasture and concluding it with the highest snow-covered Mt. Everest, there is the existence of an array of beautiful sceneries which are stealing the city’s limelight with its charming vibrancy. Shigatse hails from an eternal history since a tenure of more than 600 years that concludes the place as a ‘hub carrying an ultimate historic relevance

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Top Sites

Tashilhunpo Monastery, Shigatse Dzong, Pelkor Chode Monastery

April to June

20°C to 25°C

July to Sep

15°C to 20°C

Oct to Feb

-10°C to 0°C

An Insight into Shigatse Tourism

Journey through a Historical, Spiritual and Beautiful Tibetan City!

Shigatse, also known as Xigatse, is the second largest city of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It is located within the Tsang province. The name of this city means ‘fertile land’ which is apt as it sits in the plain at the union of the Yarlong Tsangpo and Nyangchu Rivers which is fertile in nature. It is situated on the Friendship Highway, at the intersection of several highways. It is regarded as the hub where the transport from Tibet to India and Nepal are done. It is a modern city full of hustle bustle of life and buzzing with traffic. Its administrative center is the Samzhubze District. In the year 2014, this city was upgraded into a prefecture-level city like Lhasa. It location is of great importance as it is close to Mount Everest, Sakya Monastery and also an important path to Tibet’s holy lakes. So it is the base point for the travelers who are travelling to those locations.

While wandering around the city, one can see a Potala look-a-like Shigaste Dzong on a hilltop. This place is the cultural, religious and political and economic center of Tibet with enormous historical importance. Various monasteries with rich history are situated here. The main attraction of this place is the Tashilhunpo Monastery.

It is the abode of Panchen Lama, the second most significant spiritual figure in Tibetan Buddhist religion after Dalai Lama. This 600 year old monastery is known for its beautiful architectural style with a golden roof and magnificent buildings. Other monasteries are Qyangchen monastery (located in Rinpung County), Dechen Gelsang Potrang (summer palace of Panchen Lama of 7th to 10th generations), Schalu Monaster( containing many cultural relics), Gadan Choikorling Monastery (in Namling County), Rala Yongdruling Monastery (one of the four biggest Bon monasteries in Tibet), Natana Monastery (the biggest scripture printing house in Tibetan history), Phuntsok Ling Monastery, Chonang Monastery.

Being one of the world’s highest cities and having the most widespread natural landscapes from vast plateau, green pastures, beautiful cultivated fields, sub tropic forests and snow capped mountains in the backdrop, Shigatse is a magnet for the travelers.

Many festivals are celebrated in this region like the Linka Festival which is related to the climate, environment and living condition of people. The Buddha Unveiling Festival in the monasteries displays the huge portraits of Buddha in three variants.

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