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The best wildlife location outside of Africa is arguably Sri Lanka, which is the most popular in Asia.

In fact, Sri Lanka has been named one of the top 10 hotspots for biodiversity worldwide. Gorgeous Sri Lanka, an island nation in the Indian Ocean's tropical waters, is home to some incomparably magnificent natural wonders despite its small size. A variety of tried-and-true wildlife photography tours in Sri Lanka that provide nature lovers the chance to partake in a wide range of "must experience" wildlife encounters. 

You can go anywhere. Take our word for it; whether you are travelling in Sri Lanka's north, south, east, or west, you will experience thrilling wildlife encounters. The amount of endemism for both the flora and the wildlife in this little island nation, Sri Lanka, is astounding; specifically, 23% of the flora and 16% of the fauna are native to Sri Lanka. There are a plethora of exciting Sri Lanka wildlife safaris to select from, and you'll discover that the majority are appropriate for families. In addition to experiencing our special, perpetually jovial mix of people and cultures, you will see lots of elephants and birds and have the opportunity to take many photos. Simply put, you'll like yourself here very much! 

From the Willpattu National Park in the north of the country all the way to Yala National Park in the south, with many others in between, a wide variety of National Parks, nature reserves, and safari hotels and camps have been constructed throughout Sri Lanka.

There is a wide variety of wildlife for you to view and activities to engage in. Hunting was prohibited about a century ago after big game hunters from the West decimated the Sri Lankan elephant population. You're there to observe, interact with, and capture images of Sri Lankan wildlife and birds in their natural habitat. On your safari in Sri Lanka, you'll also travel across some breathtaking terrain. 

In Sri Lanka, tented safari camping is a great opportunity to experience the beauty of the island from one of the numerous locations that are suitable for such camps. The Sri Lankan wildlife reserves are best enjoyed from such a camp rather than by stumbling up and down from a hotel! You can choose from a variety of tours or take one that is specially designed for you. In our opinion, one of these camps is the finest place to observe nature and its diversity, flora observation, or even by getting to know the local indigenous people or by going on a bird watching tours in Sri Lanka.

Want to go on an adventurous Sri Lanka safari holiday? Contact our staff of Max Holidays travel professionals, who can assist you in planning a low-cost trip or, if necessary, take you on a luxurious safari. You will undoubtedly witness all the wildlife and tropical birds you've only ever dreamed of seeing, including the fabled but elusive leopard, while also admiring Sri Lanka's natural beauty, including its flora and fauna, beneath clear skies. We have the utmost confidence that whatever draws you to Sri Lanka, you will find the island and its numerous aspects to be everything you had dreamed. 

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