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Adventure tourism in Sri Lanka boasts a rich diversity of wildlife and flora

As well as difficult terrain, high peaks, deep chasms, mountain gaps, high water falls, and twisting rivers, all of which are perfect for eco-adventure and nature-adventure hiking trails for enthusiasts. The mist-covered central mountains of Sri Lanka in Ella offer fantastic chances for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor adventure places in Sri Lanka. Travel through the Horton Plains' natural landscape, which includes grasslands, mountain ranges, and isolated pockets of forest. If you're in Kandy, the knuckles range wilderness area will literally take your breath away. Following the hiking routes to Sri Pada's Adams Peak, you can reach the holy mountain and see the peak's ethereal shadow across the lowland plains.

There are numerous low land pathways that you can choose from that will take you through a mosaic of beautiful green paddy fields, rubber plantations, and coconut groves if you prefer riding a bicycle to walking but are not eager to tackle high hills. Only more experienced cyclists should attempt the high trails in hill country areas like Knuckles Range if they are looking for a greater challenge.

For those who prefer something more adventurous or who find canoeing to be too tame for their tastes, why not embark on a white water rafting adventure in Sri Lanka. Kitulgala is blessed with a wealth of lagoons, rivers, swamps, most of which have interconnected canals that offer the canoe/kayaking enthusiast endless opportunities to relax while enjoying nature.

During the wet season, this section of the river is dotted with rapids ranging in class from 1 to 3.5, and everyone can enjoy a thrilling ride while wearing life jackets and other safety equipment, with the exception of the very youngest children.

A Sri Lanka adventure holidays brings you to a completely different world without affecting the country's renowned culture. Over its large network of peaceful roads, which pass by tea plantations, rice fields, and coconut groves, you can choose bike for it. Alternatively go hiking in the Knuckles Mountains and Nuwara Eliya tea plantation areas. Rafting and canyoning are popular activities near the Kelani River's white water rapids in Kitulgala. Also, whale watching is an option.

Max Holidays gives you the option to select the expedition, location, and duration from our list of available travel experiences in accordance with your interests, availability, and budget. The whole team of Max Holidays will put together an exciting all-inclusive customised Sri Lankan adventure tour package based on a "per person rate" for you. It's all about convenience, security, and, most importantly, the chance to travel off-the-beaten-path to the back of beyond, which may not have been possible otherwise. 

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