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Serendib, Ceylon: The Indian Ocean's Pearl

These are the lovely names that the British and Arabs gave Sri Lanka in the past. Sri Lanka has a long history of rulers, changing degrees of colonial influence, modernising influences, wealth, and income, all of which have contributed to the development of a very diversified culture. In Sri Lanka, religion is a significant feature of daily life and dominates this aspect of variety. The majority of people in Sri Lanka are Buddhist Sinhalese, making up over 75% of the population; the remainder are Tamils, Muslims, Christians, and Malays. The most noticeable aspects of Sri Lanka's cultural landscape are the colourful rites performed at Buddhist and Hindu temples, mosques, and churches. 

The nation is fortunate to have a vast variety of landscapes in addition to historical and cultural diversity. A vacation to Sri Lanka would be the best way to explore a variety of sights, from lush foliage to tropical beaches to mountainous terrains and abundant animals! Sri Lanka's  cultural heritage is frequently depicted in sculptures, architecture, works of art, and even cuisine. Some claim that Sri Lanka has a more traditional culture, one that is clearly affected by the many religions practised there, including buddhism, hinduism, islam, etc. One reason Sri Lankans have such a strong feeling of appreciation for the basic things in life, like nature, is that their way of life is very straightforward and full of humility and contentment.

The culture's impact from India and Europe is one of its key characteristics. Since Sri Lankan rulers typically wed Indian princesses, they assimilated Indian culture while still maintaining the distinctive Sri Lankan identity. The Dutch, Portuguese, and then British invaded, which led to the spread of European influence. Sri Lankans are among the friendliest people in the world since hospitality is another important aspect of their culture. Go to Sri Lanka's heritage sights that highlight the treasures of the island's illustrious history with Aitken Spence Tours to learn about the rich culture of Sri Lanka. Throughout your travels, you will stop at renowned archaeological sites, beautiful monuments, and breathtaking landmarks, amazing Sri Lanka tourist attractions that provide a glimpse into life during the reign of the ancient monarchs.

The diversity in one small island nation must have definitely piqued your interest now that you are fully aware of Sri Lanka's historical and cultural legacy. Sri Lanka is the place to go if you want a vacation that is fun, adventurous, and exciting, as well as giving you a glimpse into the history and culture of the country. Get in contact with Max Holidays to arrange your personalised trip, complete with an itinerary that covers all the locations you want to see!

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