Trekking Tours

  • Trekking in Nepal is majorly recognized as one of the trendiest and antique adventure experiences in Asia. The country is a sheath to eight out of the ten highest summits in this world accompanied by the most winsome and the scenic landscapes inculcated by these exotic peaks. These summits are solely reachable on foot and thus, the trekking activity in this country plays a highly significant role.

  • Not only one, but the variety of options available here are abundant as a result of which adventurers belonging to different ages can try out the fascinating adventure activities in Nepal.

  • Planning for such thrill filled activities long one year before is not at all a favourable task in this case, just because you can visit Kathmandu at any time of the year and enjoy the exciting trails that too in a short period of time.

  • Pursuing adventure in Nepal is not at all a very common task. This is not at all similar to all the ordinary treks available all across the globe as the things here are something extraordinary. Trekking here not solely includes walking along the wilderness and experience the varied flora and fauna, instead trekking in Nepal lets you come across the well-marked paths for trekking, multiple locals moving to their homes or other areas for day to day activities, tiny villages as well as your handful of follow trekkers.

  • As far as the accommodation is concerned, a trekker is undoubtedly going to be facilitated with the teahouses and the regularly-spaced villages which play a commendable role in letting the adventurers stay and rest in these places peacefully for a while.

  • The trekking routes in Nepal are unequivocally stunning. One can choose from the variety of trekking alternatives available here as per his/her level of difficulty, the number of days dedicated by him/her for this trek, his/her budget and also the trek style to name a few. That won’t be fair to call out the best trekking trail in Nepal as each and every activity available here is unique in its own manner. Since, the place is a home to innumerable Trekking sessions, some of the most renowned and highly significant treks here include- Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking, Langtang Valley Trek, Upper Mustang, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek and plenty others. Considered as a ‘global destination for trekking and also mountaineering’, Nepal is continuing its role and serving as the most favoured pastime for millions of adventurers every year.

  • Gear up and let the good times roll as you move ahead while experiencing the thrill packed adventure trails in Nepal. Choose from the abundant Trekking Activities in Nepal’s packages available in Max Holidays and get ready to shadow the footsteps of the mountaineering heroes.


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    from Argentina - 14 Sep 2016

    "Trekking in Nepal has proved to be a lifetime memory for me. I met many people on my way during the trek and they were very friendly with me. I am lucky to have Max Holidays by my side in Nepal, also the big mountains here literally left me awestruck by their majestic beauty."

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    from Netherlands - 21 Oct 2016

    "Nepal was my dream and finally I got a chance to experience this place and that too in an adventurous manner. The itinerary made by Max Holidays for this trip perfectly matched my preferences. I had a severe stomach problem and I fell ill during this trip, but thanks to Max Holidays for cooperating in this journey. "

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    from Brazil - 01 Dec 2016

    "I have visited Nepal for the first time and it has proved to be a highly thrill-filled experience for me. Trekking in Nepal has not only enabled me to see the serene landscapes of this place but also introduced me with the locales belonging to this place. Thank You Max for letting me have such a nice trip. "