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Simikot Travel Guide

For those who are really striving to have some of the most beautiful glimpses of the Mount Kailash can head towards Simikot. Clipped in the north-western Nepal’s Humla District, this destination is an apt source for the globetrotters from each and every part of this world to indulge in the beguiling Humla architecture. It is impossible not to mention Kailash whenever Simikot is being talked about and this is due to the most favoured adventurous and also the spiritual tour of all time- Simikot Kailash tour. Being witnessed as the shortest and also wholeheartedly preferred trekking venue for all the thrill-seekers, Simikot Kailash route is an extraordinary journey promising the lush valleys, spirituality and also the scenic landscapes paving the ways for you to reach your ultimate stoppage. Let the good times roll as you move towards the mighty and the majestic Mount Kailash accompanied by abundant serenity.

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Top Sites
Nara La Pass, Chyakpalung, Tso Lamgyok, Upper Humla Circuit Trek
April to June

20°C to 29°C

July to Sep

18°C to 25°C

Oct to Feb

01°C to 18°C

An Insight into Simikot Tourism

A Travel Through The Timeless Beauty Of Simikot

Simikot in the Humla District of northwestern Nepal is the administrative headquarters and can be reached from the developed parts of Nepal by air. This place is an important destination for those travelers who seek to visit Mount Kailash. Simikot Kailash tour is an important and popular tour in Tibet. The travelers get to enjoy the ancient spiritual cities, the lush valleys, Tibetan Monasteries and overall pictorial landscapes. It is believed that the Simikot Kailash route is the shortest and convenient for the trekkers.

Out of all the things a tourist can do in Simikot, enjoying the Humla architecture is quite important. The housing style in Humal is exceptional where the houses are terraced or multi storied and one’s rooftop is the yard of others.

From Simikot, one can climb up to Simikot Lagna just toward the northwest of the town. From this place, one can see the upper parts of Humla Karnali valley and the route towards Limi. On the opposite side of the Karnali river, the interesting towns underneath and up the valley can be seen. The Limi Valley trek is comparatively new among Nepal’s trekking trails. This takes us to a remote area on earth which is untouched by civilization and technology. Simple lifestyle and adherence to the laws of nature is what kept the residents going.

Interestingly, the impact of Buddhism and Hinduism can be seen here. One can see the mighty Himalayan lusciousness from this place. This area is also the habitat of many wild animals like snow panther, blue sheep, jackals and musk deer.

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