Peak Climbing Tours

  • It is understood that climbing and the reaching the top of the highest Mount Everest is not at all an easy task and also not every one’s ‘cup of tea’ however, you can just fulfil your dreams of climbing this mighty peak by indulging in the commendable Peak Climbing activities offered by Nepal.

  • Time to put your hassle filled busy life on hold and try out some of the outstanding peak climbing activities of Nepal and the mighty Himalayas. But, get ready to be confused on choosing amongst the varied myriad peaks in Nepal as each one of them is best in its own way. Irrespective of the tenure of your adventure, whether it is for a single day or planned for a week, Nepal has already kept its fascination packed for you. Carrying an equal potential for both the adventure seekers as well as the sightseers, this place is serving as a perfect fusion of an escapade and a sightseeing tour.

  • The peaks in Nepal which are open for the undertaking of the Climbing activities by the innumerable adventure seekers here have an altitude that is less than 7,000 metres and can be climbed by anyone who is physically fit even without any kind of training or specialization in the same.

  • Peak Climbing in Nepal is continually acting as an apt combination of the joy, thrill and also the ease of climbing guided by the eminent mountaineering professionals.

  • It is highly recommended to choose the right peak for you from among the variety of the majestic peaks available in Nepal, because none of the mountains here are made for every type of adventurer. As notified, there are approximately 1310 peaks with an altitude of under 6000 metres in Nepal, out of which only one-third are open for the adventure purposes. The climbing practitioners here have to set their needs and preferences, difficulty level and thus, decide the peak he/she will be climbing on. Some research on these peaks is also required before you are set for your Peak Climbing expedition, as every person carries different skills, preferences and time.

  • Out of the abundant peaks prominent in Nepal, some of these are the Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche East Peak, Yala Peak, Chulu West Peak, Pisang Peak, Dhampus Peak and also the Pharchamo Peak along with varied others.

  • Engross in the highly innovative activity of adventure peak climbing in Nepal through mountaineering above the snow lines, using ice axes, climbing boots and the ropes for climbing up the mighty peaks. Get introduced to the plentiful value-added Nepal’s Peak Climbing Packages made available by the Max Holidays and crafted as per your convenience and preferences. We won’t let you forget your journey with us as all we want is a rich travel experience for you and your travel mates.


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    from Colombia - 26 Sep 2017

    "Thank You Max for introducing to one of the most adventurous expeditions. Peak Climbing in Nepal has proved to be a hard to forget memory for me as well as my travel companions. Climbing the Mera Peak is an outstanding activity for me and I am surely going to come back here and try out other peaks."

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    from Germany - 29 Sep 2017

    "At first, I thought to try out the Peak climbing activity with the Lobuche East Peak on my own, but at the end I finally came out with a decision of accompanying with a travel guide. Max Holidays helped me in this case and made my trip a huge success. They are really friendly and encouraging. "

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    from France - 21 Dec 2017

    "I visited Nepal with an intention of sightseeing and also undertaking some of the most adventurous activities here. Got to know about the Peak Climbing and it sounded very interesting to me. With the guidance of Max Holidays, I decided to climb up the Dhampus Peak and now I am left wit7h a unique to call as ‘my own’. "