Adventure Activities Tours

  • Nepal recognized as ‘a Paradise for the Adventure Lovers’ is without any doubt serving as an apt location for trying out the innumerable heart racing and thrilling adventures. Majorly prominent as an adventurer’s playground, this place is currently one of the most entailed adventure activities’ tours provider amongst other parts of the world. Not only one or two but each and every element of the country’s topography is acting as a sheath to one or the other thrill-packed activity. The rugged mountains, serene rivers, beguiling waterfalls, lowlands and many other key elements are a home to abundant adventurous expeditions here.

  • The country is worldly prominent as one of the best trekking and the peak climbing expeditions in the whole world, however other activities here are also high above in the list. The Adventure Activities Tours in Nepal are the most talked about and favoured by majority of the adventure seekers all over the globe. Nepal is becoming more renowned because of the plentiful activities here which include White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Bungee Jumping, Kayaking, and Sky Diving along with many others. However, in case you are looking forward to quench your thirst for some thrill and excitement then being in Nepal is surely going to leave you in a mind boggling condition as you had to decide on what activity to opt for out of the variety available here.

  • Pull up your socks and search for something else than the most obvious trekking and mountaineering in Nepal.

  • Once you have started with your search, you are surely going to be left with some of the jaw-dropping hidden treasures of this place which are counted amongst the untouched expeditions in Nepal. Surely, leading to the stimulation of your mind, heart and body, these adventurous scenarios are obviously going to give you a keen sense of accomplishment, lifetime memories and infinite tales to utter with your friends and family.

  • It is undoubtedly really noteworthy that adventure sports in Nepal are countable but the experiences gained from them are not. In order to come across a whole new experience of White-water rafting in Nepal, one can head towards the majestic rivers of this place which are eagerly awaiting your visits. Mentioning the activities of Canoeing, Kayaking, and Paragliding and others, you can move to the mighty places which are specially maintained for the facilitation of these innovative adventure expeditions in Nepal.

  • Irrespective of the type of adventurer you are or the time period for which you want your activities to be extended, Nepal has the availability of each and every kind of adventure suiting your preferences. Simultaneously, Max Holidays is ready to serve as a perfect travel companion for you by its commendably formulated Adventure Activities Tours and Packages for Nepal according to your budget, time period and other important preferences.


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    from Australia - 10 Nov 2017

    "I am in love with Nepal! This is all because of the support from Max Holidays. The way they explain, guide, talk and assist- I am highly satisfied with their services. Talking about the adventures I experienced in Nepal, I am sure this place is already a heartthrob of millions! Shall never forget the experiences I attained here. "

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    from Chile - 05 Jan 2018

    "Can’t just believe that I climbed the high peaks of Nepal. This is unbelievable that I just overcame my fear of height. My heartiest thanks to Max Holidays for supporting me during this trip and letting me swipe off my fear of high altitude. This has proved to be a life-changing moment for me and surely is a memory for lifetime. "

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    from Ecuador - 25 Mar 2018

    "Dreams do come true and this is proved during my adventurous trip to Nepal. I always aspired to try out these thrill filled activities, but never got the guts to do the same. However, when I came in contact with Max Holidays, the way they encouraged me to take up these activities finally let me undertake the adventures here. Thank You! "