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Lhasa Kailash Guge Kingdom Tour

The Lhasa Kailash Guge Kingdom has piqued the interest of visitors with its mystical stories, and so has Kailash. Both of these places have the essence of ancient culture and civilisation that invite trekkers with their charm. During the 18-day tour, we will take you around these two places while stopping midway to some of the most iconic spots, including the Fortress of Gyantse and Shigatse, Tholing Monastery and Tasprang Castle, and the breathtaking beauty of Mansarovar Lake. During your journey of the Lhasa Kailash Guge Kingdom Tour, you will come across a myriad of cultures, cuisines, and traditions, and we will make sure that you enjoy them all to the fullest.

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  • Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu airport

    Once you touch down at Kathmandu Airport, a bustling hub for Nepal Airlines, Himalaya Airlines, and local carriers, our team will be there to welcome you with a personalised sign displaying the Kailash Tour Trek logo. Our dedicated assistant will then escort you to your hotel room, where you can freshen up and take a well-deserved break. 

    Afterward, we'll provide you with a comprehensive briefing about the upcoming adventure and its essential prerequisites. We recommend enjoying a delicious dinner and getting a good night's sleep, as our thrilling journey begins on day 2.

  • Day 02: Obtain Chinese Visa and Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour

    We will kick-start our day of Lhasa Kailash Guge Kingdom Tour by visiting the beautiful local places in Nepal, which include Kathmandu Durbar Square, the Garden of Dream, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Buddha Stupa. We will also take you to the pilgrimage sightings of Pashupatinath Temple and Budhanilkantha Temple. These temples have a rich historical background. In the annals of antiquity, Budhanilkantha's illustrious history traces its origins to the opulent era of the 5th century. It was during the reign of the Licchavi dynasty, a venerable lineage that holds the distinction of being one of Nepal's earliest known ruling dynasties.

    Similarly, Pashupatinath Temple is built on an area of 246 hectares, including 518 mini temples and pagodas. It will take a whole day to explore the temple's campus. 

    These temples, situated beside the Bagmati River, exude an aura of spirituality and peace. These temples were also conferred as heritage sites by UNESCO in 1979. After the long day, you are advised to come back and catch some rest to make yourself ready for the upcoming adventures.

  • Day 03: Fly to Lhasa airport from Kathmandu

    Once you are done with the breakfast, our chaperone will escort you to the Kathmandu International Airport to take the flight to your next destination, Lhasa, “the place of God."  But before you land in Lhasa, you will have to witness the scenic view of snow-capped Himalayan ranges, which adds a moment of adventure to this journey. This is one of the globe's most spectacular flight routes, culminating in a stunning descent on a hillside flanked by towering mountain peaks.

    You will land at the Serene Airport in Gongar, which is 97 km away from Lhasa City. It will take around a 2-hour drive to arrive at your hotel. At an altitude of 3656 m, Lhasa is relatively cold; hence, you need to take care of your health.

  • Day 04: Sightseeing in Lhasa, visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple & Barkhor Market

    Your next step towards the trip to Lhasa Guge Kingdom will move forward with sight-seeing around Lhasa City. We will begin by visiting Potala Palace. From 1649 until 1959, it served as the winter residence of the Dalai Lama. Following that, it has been transformed into a museum and designated as a World Heritage Site since 1994. In line with our next visit to Jokhang Temple, also referred to as the “Heart of Lhasa, built by King Songsten Gampso in c. 640, is still as magnificent as it was at the time of its beginning. 

    At the Barkhor market, you can satisfy your shopping cravings, as it has a range of small shops and eateries. Here you can buy butter lamps, incense, and other Items.

  • Day 05: Sightseeing in Lhasa, visit Drepung and Sera Monastery

    Lhasa is the land of the monasteries, and some of them even have historical importance. Amongst them, Ganden, Sera, and Drepung, the triumvirate of monasteries, emerged during the zenith of Tibet's puritanical Buddhist renaissance. The erudition and astute governance of the illustrious Gelugpa Dynasty served as the catalyst, propelling the resplendent city of Lhasa back into the radiant limelight.

    Once you finish looking around these beautiful parts of the past, we will visit the Norbulingka Palace, built in 1755. This palace was a summer destination for the Dalai Lama until the exile of the 14th Dalai Lama in 1959.

  • Day 06: Drive to Shigatse via Yamdrok Lake and Gyantse

    Embark on an extraordinary Himalayan journey that commences with a scenic drive to Gyantse through the mesmerising Yamdrok Lake. This magnificent lake, stretching over 45 miles, is embraced by majestic snow-capped mountains and nourished by countless streams. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance and breathtaking vistas, as the chilly weather adds to the allure of this picturesque destination. 

    From here, we will go to Gyantse Kumbum, “Many Doored,” an exquisite representation of the Buddhist cosmos, crafted as a three-dimensional mandala to captivate the senses and inspire spiritual contemplation. After that, we will cross the terrain of Kamba La and Karo La passes. 

    Then we will reach Gyantse; our next sites are Pelkor Chode Monastery and Kumbum Stupa. Constructed in 1414, this monastery is made up of 17 Dratsang, associated with the three sects of Sagya, Kadam, and Gelug. It is a 2-hour drive from Shigatse, and then you can take the day off to doze off.

  • Day 07: Drive from Shigatse to Saga

    Today's journey will start by visiting the Tashilhunpo Monastery. Established in the year 1447 by the esteemed 1st Dalai Lama, this opulent sanctuary stands as the timeless abode of the revered Panchen Lama. After that, we will take a tour of the sacred tomb of Panchem Lama. Here you will see the artisanal shoes designed by the monks themselves. 

    After completing our visit, we will begin our journey to Saga, the “happy land” that stands at an altitude of 4640 m, which allows it to maintain a soothing climate, which makes it a great place to experience nature in its untouched form. 

    Here, you can enjoy different cuisines at different restaurants, like authentic Japanese at Wakamatsuya and Yoakejaya for the sea food delicacies. There are numerous stalls and restaurants to enjoy Tibetan Thukpa and other local food as well.

  • Day 08: Drive from Saga to Lake Manasarovar

    Our Chauffeur will take you to a trip to Mansarovar but you can't miss the sight en route. You will witness the scenic valley with Yaks and Sheeps led by the herder, who are nothing but a beautiful example of nature's creation. Crossing these valleys you will reach the Mansarovar lake - A holy lake holding spiritual value - Nestled amidst the ethereal embrace of the majestic Mt.Gurula-Mandata and the enigmatic Lake Rakshasa, lies the sacred lake, revered as the divine sanctuary where Lord Bishnu seeks solace.

    Legend has it that this enchanting waterbody, known as Mansarovar Lake, was born from the nefarious hands of the malevolent king Ravana, rendering its waters poisonous in nature. Nevertheless, fear not, for your sojourn shall be spent in the opulent comfort of a guest house, graciously bestowed upon the shores of this mystical lake.

  • Day 09: Drive from Lake Mansarovar to Darchen

    Upon reaching the Mansarovar lake, dip yourself in the pristine water and feel your mind and soul experiencing the much-needed peace and serenity. You can perform all pujas and take the water from the Mansarovar lake to do the parikrama and take it back with you as well. 

    After that, we will drive to Darchen. Located at an altitude of 4670 m, this place also holds religious value because of the Kailash Mountain standing on its land. We will enjoy a bonfire and other local festivities and prepare for the next milestone of this trip, Kailash Parikrama.

  • Day 10: Trek from Darchen to Derapuk Monastery

    Day 10 marks the commencement of our sacred pilgrimage around the majestic Mount Kailash. The journey commences with a serene trek from Sershong, accompanied by fellow devout pilgrims reciting chants and offering prayers. As we ascend, the magnificent Choku Monastery comes into view, perched gracefully on the hillside overlooking the valley. The path ahead presents us with a series of undulating terrains, leading us to our campsite at Derapuk. Here, we will witness numerous Bon pilgrims partaking in the ritualistic circumambulation in the reverse direction, adding to the spiritual ambiance of this hallowed pilgrimage.

  • Day 11: Trek from Derapuk to Zuthulpuk crossing Drolma-la Pass

    The second day of the trek will be a tougher one because we will be moving to a much higher altitude, which is Drolma La Pass at an altitude of 5636 m. This high altitude pass is known for its frequent climate change and rocky climbing, making it one of the most challenging treks. 

    Then we step down to reach the Zuthulphuk Monasteries, also known as the Magical Cave. Originally built in the 13th century, the current edifice dates back to 1983. The quaint monastery is intertwined with a fascinating tale of a talent showdown between the esteemed Great Yogi Milarepa of the Buddhist tradition and the revered Naropa of the Bon tradition.

  • Day 12: Trek from Zuthulphuk to Mansarovar via Darchen

    Our journey on the third day in Darchan will commence with a visit to the Milarepa Caves. If you wish to explore the surrounding areas of these caves, you can ascend to the Vajra yogini Temple, situated 200 metres above the Milarepa Caves. The Ancient town of Sankhu is also a noteworthy attraction, offering a glimpse into the rich history of civilization. Additionally, Shaadi Nadi and Shree Swosthani are major attractions worth visiting. Finally, we will return to Darchen, crossing the tranquil Mansarovar lake once again. The drive will take approximately 3 hours, so we recommend packing some local snacks to enjoy along the way.

  • Day 13: Drive from Mansarovar to Zanda

    Driving by the bank of the River Satluj, we will start our journey from Mansarovar Lake to Zanda. It will take us around 4 hours to visit Tirthapuri, the third most revered religious place of Buddhists that is also considered holy by Hindus because, according to folklore, it is a place where Lord Vishu severed the head of Bhasmasur. 

    After that, we will hike to see the Padma “Sambhav Monasteries."  In the 8th century, Gonchen from Dorje Drak monastery founded the monastery. At first, it was part of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. After that, we will witness Guru Rinpoche. Then we will stay back to get some rest.

  • Day 14: Explore Guge Kingdom and Tholing in Zhanda.

    Today's destination is Tholing and then Tsaprang Valley, which is 20 miles away from Tholing. Tsaparang stands as a massive fortress situated atop a pyramid-shaped rock that ascends approximately 500 to 600 feet (152 to 183 m) at the conclusion of an elongated, narrow spur. Within its structure lie countless tunnels and caves meticulously carved into the rock. After that, we will take a rest for the day. 

  • Day 15: Drive back to Manasarovar Lake

    After we wrap up our trip to the Lost Kingdom, we will go back to Mansarovar. Nestled gracefully amidst the majestic Mount Kailash, Lake Mansarovar, also known as Mapam Yumtso, exudes an aura of divine tranquillity. Its pristine waters, lovingly nurtured by the Kailash Glaciers, serve as a sacred sanctuary for countless devotees. To the north, the harmonious convergence of the bay and Mount Kailash forms a hallowed pilgrimage site revered by followers of Hinduism and Buddhism alike.You can enjoy the pristine view from the window of your guest house. 

  • Day 16: Drive from Lake Manasarovar to Saga

    The Lhasa Kailash Guge Kingdom tour organiser will take you back to the Saga, where we will again cross the Kailash Valley, letting you enjoy the resplendent view of the snow-capped mountains. You will then spend your night at the guest house in Enway.

  • Day 17: Drive from Saga to Kerung then to Kathmandu

    Once we drive from Saga post breakfast, we will come across the picturesque view of the Tibetan Terrain until you reach Kerung. Arriving at Kerung at noon, you can visit sites like Hanuman Dhokha, the Tiger Monument, and PagarAlam Green Paradise to add a new page to your life journey. 

    From here, we will drive to the border, crossing the Friendship Bridge, and say goodbye to our boon companion from Tibet. After that, it will take you 7 hours to drive along the Pasang Lhamu Highway to Kathmandu, taking you to your nestle in Kathmandu. Now you must have received what you have spent as the Lhasa Gauge Kingdom Tour Cost.

  • Day 18: Final departure transfer to the airport

    As soon as you are done enjoying your last breakfast bite from the Napalese cuisine, Kailash Tour Trek Cicerone will escort you to Kathmandu International Airport and will see you off to your city. Make sure you have collected a lot of photos, souvenirs, and handloom items for yourself and for your near and dear ones. 

    So if you are looking for such a thrilling yet spiritual journey in your life to add real meaning to your life and enjoy it, then contact Kailash Tour Trek today.

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Air conditioned vehicle with driver & Company staff for airport assistance

17 nights in hotels / guest house

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Visa and permit fee charges.

All ground transport for sightseeing trips

Expert tour guides for sightseeing tours.

International or domestic flights are not included.

Please carry a valid travel insurance.

Monument and museum tickets.

Any kind of personal expenses/bills.

Govt service tax 5%

Trip Reviews


Nandani Mishra | San Diego USA

21 Jun 2023

I recently had the privilege of embarking on a transformative Kailash Yatra tour with Max Holidays along with my mother and father from the US, and I can't praise them enough. From start to finish, their commitment to customer satisfaction was evident. The knowledgeable and friendly team at Max Holidays meticulously planned every aspect of the journey, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. The presence of experienced guides from Max Holidays enriched the journey significantly. Their extensive knowledge of the destinations and their ability to share fascinating insights and stories made the entire experience more meaningful. The weather was tough there, but Max Holidays team was there throughout with us! We completely understand the uncertainties in the weather during the Kailash Yatra and undoubtedly, we were informed about the same by their team. Good work Max Holidays! All three of us had the best time of our life while witnessing the Kailash Parvat right in front of our eyes. Throughout the trip, the Max Holidays team displayed professionalism and genuine care for every participant. Their prompt assistance and willingness to go the extra mile truly made a difference. From handling travel arrangements to providing assistance during the Kora trek, they ensured that each traveler's needs were met.

  • 5.0

Ashwin Shikotra | United Kingdom

09 Jul 2023

Frequent updates on itinerary to accommodate requests. Impressed with very quick upgrade of car and immediate response to change accommodation on last leg of the tour due to weather conditions. We would also like to highly praise and recommend the driver Dharmendra - his experience in driving round blind cliff edge hair pin bends is amazing. Our heartfelt thanks to Vishal for personally stepping in when necessary. To Vidhushi - Keep up the good work and many thanks once again- Har Har Mahadev.

  • 4.0

Vijay Patel | Middleborough United States

27 Jul 2023

We did kailash mansarovar yatra in private group service provided by max holidays was beyond and above our expectations Vidushi she is Awesome and helpful

  • 5.0

Jaya Bhargava | Boston United States

09 Sep 2023

We took the tour from 26Aug to Sept4. It was a wonderful experience.we were 10 in our tour and everyone came with different spiritual backgrounds. It was a full moon trip. Max holidays provided excellent service. They checked out oxygen levels and provided support when needed. Accommodations are shared and are reasonably good. Services such as porter can be improved but it is on the Tibet side. Food was provided by on site cooks who travelled with the group. Schedule changes could have been communicated better. Vidushi was excellent. Overall out trip was excellent.

  • 5.0

Vinod Patel | San Diego United States

10 Oct 2023

The support from Max Holidays team before the tour was excellent. We received quick response from Vidushi every time I had any question or quarry. She was the best in communication and replies. The Nepal team of Max Holidays was exceptionally best to help and support us. Mr. Dorgee and Subhman were very helpful in any way they can do for us. I would like to thank from bottom of our heart to Max Holidays teams in Delhi and Nepal.

  • 4.8

Drishti Sharma | Leicester United Kingdom

12 Oct 2023

I can't thank Max Holidays enough for the incredible Kailash Manasarovar Yatra by helicopter. It was truly an unforgettable experience! 5/5 Highly recommend! 🚁🏔️🙏

  • 5.0

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